Newnes Guide to Television and Video Technology

Newnes Guide to Television and Video Technology, 4th Edition

Newnes Guide to Television and Video Technology, 4th Edition,K. F. Ibrahim,ISBN9780750681650






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Discover and understand the Digital technologies of today and tomorrow: High Definition TV, DVD, Blu Ray, Hard Drives, IPTV (Web TV), On Demand Services, Multimedia Broadcasting, Mobile TV, Video Display Devices, Plasma vs. LCD, and DLP.

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Key Features

* The definitive guide to the new technologies transforming the world of television: HDTV, Digital TV, DVD recorders, hard disk recorders, wide-screen CRT, flat screen technologies and others
* A practical approach, including troubleshooting and servicing information
* Covers UK, European and North American systems


This book provides a full and comprehensive coverage of video and television technology including the latest developments in display equipment, HDTV and DVD. Starting with TV fundamentals, the bulk of the book covers the many new technologies that are bringing growth to the TV and video market, such as plasma and LCD, DLP (digital light processing), DVD, Blu ray technology, Digital television, High Definition television (HDTV) and video projection systems.

For each technology, a full explanation is provided of its operation and practical application, supported by over 300 diagrams including schematic diagrams of commercially available consumer equipment. Where relevant, testing and fault finding procedures are outlined together with typical fault symptoms supported by photographs.

The new edition has a number of useful appendices on microcomputer/microcontroller systems, test instruments, serial buses (I2C and RS 232), teletext and error correction techniques.

The book is intended for students of electronics and practicing engineers. In particular, it will useful for students on vocational courses and service engineers as well as enthusiasts.


TV and video installation and sales staff
Trainee TV & video technicians / electronics students
Home electronics consumers / electronics enthusiasts looking for accessible but technical information on the latest TV and video technologies

K. F. Ibrahim

Affiliations and Expertise

College of North West London, UK

Newnes Guide to Television and Video Technology, 4th Edition

1. Principles of Television
2. Colour television
3. Digital Television
4. MPEG Encoding
5. High Definition television
6. Audio encoding
7. MPEG-2 transport stream
8. Channel Encoding
9. Video re-production – an overview
10. Plasma Panels
11. Liquid Crystal Display, LCD
12. DLP and SED
13. Television receivers CRT-type
14. Television receivers – colour processing
15. DC power generation
16. Flat panel television receivers
17. TV Sound, mono and NICAM
18. The digital TV reception
19. Projection systems
20. DVD
21. Magnetic tape recording
22. Digital recording and camcorder
23. Cable and on-line television
24. Multimedia convergence
25. Interconnectivity and ports
Appendix A1: Teletext
Appendix A2: I2C serial control bus
Appendix A3: Error control techniques
Appendix A4: Processing Devices
Appendix A5: The OSI seven-layer reference model
Appendix A6: HDMI - DVI Compatibility
Appendix A7: The Decibel
Appendix A8: Amplitude and frequency modulation
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