Ultra Wideband Systems, 1st Edition

Ultra Wideband Systems, 1st Edition,Roberto Aiello, Ph.D.,Anuj Batra, Ph.D.,ISBN9780750678933

Aiello, Ph.D.   &   Batra, Ph.D.   





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A thorough survey of ultra wideband technology by leading experts.

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Key Features

*An all-star list of contributors covers the subject more authoritatively than any single author could
*Discusses U.S. and international ultra wideband regulations
*Includes material on antenna systems and signal propagation at ultra wideband frequencies


Ultra wideband technology turns the radio spectrum available to wireless applications from a country road into a high-speed ten lane super freeway, and the destination is the future of wireless technology. UWB is a huge leap forward because it offers wide bandwidth with little interference, allowing multiple UWB signals to share a single channel. This multi-author volume, compiled under the guidance of Dr. Roberto Aiello, introduces the theory and concepts behind ultra wideband (UWB) systems as well as their applications. Authors include those involved in creating the UWB standards, researchers, and applications specialists.
This book has been broken down into three parts: introduction to UWB, different techniques available, and applications. Within these sections topics covered are UWB spectrum and regulations, UWB channels, modulation techniques, antennas, signal propagation, and UWB transceiver architectures. This book has all the information RF/wireless engineers will need to understand this burgeoning technology.


RF, wireless, communications, and avionics engineers; Engineering managers, marketing personnel for engineering firms, and embedded systems engineers.

Roberto Aiello, Ph.D.

Affiliations and Expertise

President, Staccato Communications, San Diego, CA, USA

Anuj Batra, Ph.D.

Affiliations and Expertise

Member - Group Technical Staff, Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX, USA

Ultra Wideband Systems, 1st Edition

Chapter 1: History of Ultra Wideband Communication Systems - Roberto Aiello
Chapter 2: UWB Spectrum and Regulations - Robert Sutton
Chapter 3: Interference and Coexistence - Roberto Aiello
Chapter 4: UWB Antennas - James S. McLean and Heinrich Foltz
Chapter 5: Direct-Sequence UWB - Michael McLaughlin
Chapter 6: Multiband Aprroach to UWB - Charles Razzell
Chapter 7: Spectral Keying(TM): A Novel Modulation Scheme for UWB Systems - Dr. Naiel K. Askar, Dr. Susan C. Lin, and Dr. David S. Furuno
Chapter 8: Multiband OFDM - Jaiganesh Balakrishnan and Anuj Batra
Chapter 9: MAC Designs for UWB Systems - Larry Taylor
Chapter 10: Standards for UWB Communications -Jason L. Ellis
Chapter 11: Commercial Applications - Roberto Aiello

Quotes and reviews

"Books on ultra wideband UWB have been pretty scarce. This technology only just emerged from secrecy and obscurity in the late 1990s, and reference works are rare. This once highly classified technology has come out of the closet so to speak, but it has only been recently that some practical books have become available. I say practical meaning books the working engineer can use to design and build real systems without having to get a doctorate in EE. This is just such a book. With a copyright date of 2006, it is pretty current with technology, standards, and applications..." - Louis E. Frenzel, August 2006

It remains to be seen which techniques will be essential to UWB's success as developers " focus on simplifying use, streamlining costs, and staying ahead of advancing data rates," according to Aiello. This book serves as a good foundation on which developers can build.- Rick Nelson, Test & Measurement World, March 2007
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