Pressure Vessel Design Manual

Pressure Vessel Design Manual, 3rd Edition

Pressure Vessel Design Manual, 3rd Edition,Dennis R. Moss,ISBN9780750677400


Gulf Professional Publishing

9780750677400 New edition



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Save thousands of dollars and hours of work on pressure vessel design with this step-by-step manual.

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Key Features

* ASME standards and guidelines (such as the method for determining the Minimum Design Metal Temperature)are impenetrable and expensive: avoid both problems with this expert guide.
* Visual aids walk the designer through the multifaceted stages of analysis and design.
* Includes the latest procedures to use as tools in solving design issues.


A pressure vessel is a container that holds a liquid, vapor, or gas at a different pressure other than atmospheric pressure at the same elevation. More specifically in this instance, a pressure vessel is used to 'distill'/'crack' crude material taken from the ground (petroleum, etc.) and output a finer quality product that will eventually become gas, plastics, etc.

This book is an accumulation of design procedures, methods, techniques, formulations, and data for use in the design of pressure vessels, their respective parts and equipment. The book has broad applications to chemical, civil and petroleum engineers, who construct, install or operate process facilities, and would also be an invaluable tool for those who inspect the manufacturing of pressure vessels or review designs.


Mechanical Engineers with the following titles: Reliability Engineer, Fixed Equipment Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Piping Engineer, Plant Engineer, Commissioning Engineer

Dennis R. Moss

Dennis Moss has more than 40 years' experience in the design, manufacture and inspection of pressure vessels. He is currently a Technical Director and Fellow for Fluor's Southern California office where he is the Section Supervisor of the Vessel Group.

Affiliations and Expertise

Technical Director and Section Supervisor of the Vessel Group, Fluor, California, USA

Pressure Vessel Design Manual, 3rd Edition

1. Stresses in Pressure Vessels

2. General Design

3. Design of Vessel Supports

4. Special Designs

5. Local Loads

6. Related Equipment

7. Transportation and Erection of Pressure Vessels

Appendix A Guide to ASME Section VIII, Division 1

Appendix B Design Data Sheet for Vessels

Appendix C Joint Efficiencies (ASME Code)

Appendix D Properties of Heads

Appendix E Volumes and Surface Areas of Vessel Sections

Appendix F Vessel Nomenclature

Appendix G Useful Formulas for Vessels

Appendix H Material Selection Guide

Appendix I Summary of Requirements for 100% X-Ray and PWHT

Appendix J Material Properties

Appendix K Metric Conversions

Appendix L Allowable compressure stress for columns

Appendix M Flat plate formulas

Appendix N External Insulation for Vertical Vessels

Appendix O Flow over Weirs

Appendix P Time Required to drain vessels

Appendix Q Vessel Surge capacities and hold up times

Appendix R Minor Defects evaluation procedure

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