New Product Development

New Product Development, 1st Edition

from Initial Idea to Product Management

New Product Development, 1st Edition,Marc Annacchino,ISBN9780080469898





Covers the entire process of product development from the generation of an idea through to the launch of the product (and beyond) without missing a step!

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Key Features

*Contains CD-ROM with over 50 software tools needed to implement programs

*Presents a unique multidimensional perspective that comes from 26 years of experience and over 40 real implementations

*Provides readers with blueprints for organizing and documenting their development programs


Marc Annacchino's New Product Development will maximize return on development dollar invested by providing the reader with an interdisciplinary understanding of the new product development process.

New Product Development is the last frontier in gaining a competitive edge. While other factors such as functionality, quality and reliability, availability and shipment performance are now entry level requirements, New Product Development is the competitive weapon of necessity.

This comprehensive and detailed book is a practical guide to the process of New Product Development from initial concept and corporate goals assessment through marketing, planning, development, manufacturing and product management. It contains over 200 illustrations with 52 actual tools needed to execute an actual program. On the accompanying CD-ROM version, these tools are embedded in the text for presentation to the reader. Embedded hyperlinks allow the reader to jump to a special "sandbox" which will allow them to apply the concepts presented in the text directly to their development program and save them as part of their filing system, providing the actual framework for practitioner use.

This book and accompanying tool set is the best investment you can make to ensure new product success!


Industrial managers, product engineers, development engineers, design and manufacturing. Graduate students enrolled in product development or industrial management programs or courses. Executives involved with overseeing new product development.

Marc Annacchino

Marc A. Annacchino, P.E. is a general management executive with over 30 years experience in the field of Sales, Marketing, New Product Development, Manufacturing Operations, Quality, Accounting and Finance. He is Owner of Marconi Product Development Institute, Inc. a firm that assists organizations in the area of contract product development and business development. He is also the director of the Business Excellence Consortium at Milwaukee School of Engineering: an outreach arm of the University that assists companies in their journey to world competitive performance.

Affiliations and Expertise

Marconi Product Development Institute, Greenfield, WI, USA

New Product Development, 1st Edition

The Business, The Objective; The Market Opportunity; Refinement of the Business Concept Into a Product; The Product and Business Plan; Justifying a Program, the Accounting Viewpoint; Starting Out; Prosecuting the Plan; Manufacturing Development; The Pre-launch Checklist; The Launch; The Pursuit and Product Management; Perspectives on New Product Development
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