Materials Processing and Manufacturing Science

Materials Processing and Manufacturing Science, 1st Edition

Materials Processing and Manufacturing Science, 1st Edition,Rajiv Asthana,Ashok Kumar,Narendra Dahotre,ISBN9780750677165

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The most up-to-date and inclusive presentation available on the fundamentals of materials in manufacturing

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Key Features

* Detailed explanations of theories, concepts, principles and practices of materials and processes of manufacturing through richly illustrated text
* Includes new topics such as nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing, not covered in most similar works
* Focuses on the interrelationship between Materials Science, Processing Science, and Manufacturing Technology


“Materials Science in Manufacturing” focuses on materials science and materials processing primarily for engineering and technology students preparing for careers in manufacturing. The text also serves as a useful reference on materials science for the practitioner engaged in manufacturing as well as the beginning graduate student.

Integrates theoretical understanding and current practices to provide a resource for students preparing for advanced study or career in industry. Also serves as a useful resource to the practitioner who works with diverse materials and processes, but is not a specialist in materials science. This book covers a wider range of materials and processes than is customary in the elementary materials science books.

This book covers a wider range of materials and processes than is customary in the elementary materials science books.


Students in manufacturing, applied materials, industrial arts, engineering technology and related disciplines.

Rajiv Asthana

Rajiv Asthana, Ph.D., FASM, is Fulton and Edna Holtby Endowed Chair in manufacturing at the University of Wisconsin-Stout where he teaches in the manufacturing engineering program. He is Editor of Journal of Materials Engineering & Performance and on the editorial boards of Ceramics International and Materials Science and Engineering A. He has authored or coauthored five books, including Materials Science in Manufacturing (Elsevier) and 160 scientific publications, and co-edited Ceramic Integration and Joining Technologies (Wiley). His research interests include ceramic/metal joining, high-temperature capillarity and cast metal-matrix composites.

Affiliations and Expertise

Manufacturing Engineering Technology Department, University of Wisconsin-Stout, USA

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Ashok Kumar

Affiliations and Expertise

University of South Florida - Department of Mechanical Engineering

Narendra Dahotre

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Chairman, Center for Laser Applications; University of Tennessee

Materials Processing and Manufacturing Science, 1st Edition

1. Materials Behaviour
2. Casting and Solidification
3. Powder Metallurgy and Ceramic Forming
4. Surface, Subsurface and Interface Phenomena
5. Coatings and Surface Engineering
6. Composite Materials
7. Semiconductor Manufacturing
8. Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing

Quotes and reviews

“ ... contains many fundamental equations useful for a starting point in process development ... a good review ... will give the reader a good understanding of the many choices, advantages, and disadvantages or the manufacturing processes used on many types of materials.”
— IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine
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