Blowout and Well Control Handbook

Blowout and Well Control Handbook, 1st Edition

Blowout and Well Control Handbook, 1st Edition,Robert D. Grace,Robert Grace,ISBN9780750677080


Gulf Professional Publishing




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The only handbook currently available on blowout and well control. Timely coverage of Kuwait fires set by Saddam Hussein included.

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Key Features

Provides new techniques for blowout containment, never before published, first used in the Gulf War.

Provides the most up-to-date techniques and tools for blowout and well control.

New case histories include the Kuwait fires that were set by Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War.


As with his 1994 book, Advanced Blowout and Well Control, Grace offers a book that presents tested practices and procedures for well control, all based on solid engineering principles and his own more than 25 years of hands-on field experience. Specific situations are reviewed along with detailed procedures to analyze alternatives and tackle problems. The use of fluid dynamics in well control, which the author pioneered, is given careful treatment, along with many other topics such as relief well operations, underground blowouts, slim hole drilling problems, and special services such as fire fighting, capping, and snubbing. In addition, case histories are presented, analyzed, and discussed.


Drilling Engineers, Reservoir Engineers, Petroleum Geologists

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Robert Grace

Robert Grace is currently CEO and President of GSM, Inc., a successful consulting firm in the USA he founded in 1976. Robert has more than 40 years of onsite experience in the oil fields of the world. For the past 35 years, he has served primarily as a consultant in blowouts, fires, well control, deep drilling, and completion operations. As a well control expert, he has specialized in handling and supervising some of the most complex blowouts the industry has known, including the largest blowout in Texas history. He was also an advisor to the Kuwait Oil Company following the 1991 Gulf War. He has authored numerous conference papers and books, and he earned BS and MS degrees in petroleum engineering for the University of Oklahoma. Robert is also a registered professional engineer.

Affiliations and Expertise

CEO and President of GSM, Inc., USA

Blowout and Well Control Handbook, 1st Edition

1. Equipment in Well Control
2. Classic Pressure Control Procedures While Drilling
3. Pressure Control Procedures While Tripping
4. Special Conditions, Problems, and Procedures in Well Control
5. Fluid Dynamics in Well Control
6. Special Services in Well Control
7. Relief Well Design and Operations
8. The Underground Blowout
9. The Al-Awda Project: The Oil Fires of Kuwait
10. Index
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