Networking and Internetworking with Microcontrollers

Networking and Internetworking with Microcontrollers, 1st Edition

Networking and Internetworking with Microcontrollers, 1st Edition,Fred Eady,ISBN9780750676984






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One-stop information source for embedded engineers to learn the theory and real-world application of creating embedded networking systems, with detailed fully functional design examples, schematics, and source code.

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Key Features

* The only source that pulls together difficult-to-find design information, and teaches step-by-step how to use it to create powerful networking applications
* Includes fully functional examples of microcontroller hardware and firmware
* Companion cd-rom includes all schematics and code utilized in the book


Sophisticated networking and communications capabilities that were previously the sole domain of mainframes, PCs, and workstations are now becoming mandatory in the realm of smaller embedded microcontrollers. However, documentation, standards, and design information is scattered among many sources and is difficult to find.

In this practical book, popular columnist and embedded designer Fred Eady is your guide and advisor. He pulls together all the necessary design background and details and shows you how to use today’s affordable microcontrollers for powerful communications and networking applications such as local area networks and embedded internet. Using working code examples and schematics, Eady steers you through the basics using two popular microcontroller families, PIC and Atmel.

Included are a wealth of detailed design examples for:
· RS-232 firmware and hardware
· Microcontroller USARTs
· The I2C bus
· Ethernet implementation
· Embedded internet implementation
· Wireless links

Sample source code is provided and thoroughly explained for all the application examples. The accompanying CD-ROM contains the example code as well as a searchable ebook version of the text, to help you get up to speed quickly. You could spend days or even weeks pulling together all the information that Eady has assembled in this one indispensable reference.


embedded systems engineers and programmers; electronics technicians working in embedded systems; electrical/software engineering students; electronics hobbyists

Fred Eady

As an engineering consultant, Fred Eady has implemented communications networks for the space program and designed hardware and firmware for the medical, retail and public utility industries. He currently writes a monthly embedded design column for a popular electronics enthusiast magazine. Fred also composes monthly articles for a popular robotics magazine. Fred has been dabbling in electronics for over 30 years. His embedded design expertise spans the spectrum and includes Intel’s 8748 and 8051 microcontrollers, the entire Microchip PIC microcontroller family and the Atmel AVR microcontrollers. Fred recently retired from his consulting work and is focused on writing magazine columns and embedded design books.

Affiliations and Expertise

Systems Engineer, EDTP Electronics, FL, USA

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Networking and Internetworking with Microcontrollers, 1st Edition

A Quick Look at the Microcontrollers
Atmel’s AVR
Microchip’s PIC
What’s on the CD-ROM?
Chapter 1: The Essence of Microcontroller Networking—RS-232
Chapter 2: Implementing RS-232 with a Microcontroller
Chapter 3: Writing RS-232 Microcontroller Routines in BASIC
Chapter 4: Building Some RS-232 Communications Hardware
Chapter 5: Using Microcontroller USARTs
Some Interrupt-Driven USART Code
Applying What We Know about RS-232 to the Atmel AVR
Coding the AVR RS-232 Routines
Chapter 6: I2C…The Other Serial Protocol
Chapter 7: Ethernet
Chapter 8: Writing the CS8900A-CQ Firmware
Chapter 9: PINGing the Easy Ethernet CS8900A
Chapter 10: UDP and the Easy Ethernet CS8900A
Chapter 11: TCP and the Easy Ethernet CS8900A
Chapter 12: Let’s Do It Again
Chapter 13: Putting the Easy Ethernet AVR Online
Chapter 14: Finale
Obtaining Easy Ethernet Devices
About the Author

Quotes and reviews

Networking and Internetworking with Microcontrollers (Newnes), has the most detailed explanation around regarding accessing Ethernet controllers in small systems. - Nuts & Volts, May 2004

"I found this book a practical, well-written and concise guide for networking and communication engineers. This book will be a useful addition to the personal as well as the academic research library." - E-Streams, February 2005 Vol. 8, No.2
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