ISO 9000: 2000 Auditing Using the Process Approach

ISO 9000: 2000 Auditing Using the Process Approach, 1st Edition

ISO 9000: 2000 Auditing Using the Process Approach, 1st Edition,David Hoyle,ISBN9780750675970






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Value-added approach to auditing companies for ISO 9000 requirements.

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Key Features

Radical new approach that focuses on performance relative to objectivesAllows auditors to focus on the real purposeProvides an effective questioning technique


It is imperative that an auditor effectively guides an organization through a process of meeting ISO 9000 compliance requirements. However, real value can be added to the process if the auditor establishes a program that also focuses on overall performance relative to the objectives being met for registration. This book introduces a radical new approach that teaches the auditor how to add value, deliver business benefits and become a partner with the organization's management team.

This book offers a proven effective questioning technique, structured around key business processes and linked to the requirements of the Standard. It will guide the auditor through a system that significantly contributes to achieving the organization's objective of not only compliance but more importantly, an improved process approach that has inherent long term benefits.

With the 2000 update of ISO 9000, auditing has changed radically. With previous versions, the approach concentrated on compliance to specific and individual requirements, independently of how the system really contributed to achieving the organization's objectives. Auditors are now required to establish that the systems they are auditing have been based on these principles, one of which is the process approach.

From five fundamental questions, a series of questions is derived for several business processes that will reveal the evidence needed to demonstrate compliance with ISO 9001:2000. At the same time, the strength of the organizations processes to achieve their objectives is tested. Quality management principles are explained to show how they can be used to establish that the organization's management system is soundly based. The current auditing approaches are evaluated to show the fundamental weaknesses relative to how audits are planned, conducted and reported.


Quality Systems Auditors, Quality Assurance Managers, Plant Managers, Lead Auditor Trainers

David Hoyle

David Hoyle is an international management consultant with over 30 years' experience in quality management. He has held senior positions in quality management with British Aerospace and Ferranti International and worked with such companies as General Motors, the UK Civil Aviation Authority and Bell Atlantic on their quality improvement programmes. As well as delivering quality management and auditor training courses throughout the world, he has participated in various industry councils and committees, including the Institute of Quality Assurance.

Affiliations and Expertise

International management consultant with over 30 years' experience in quality management

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ISO 9000: 2000 Auditing Using the Process Approach, 1st Edition

Introduction; Audit Methodologies; Quality Management Principles; The Process Approach; Questions at the Enterprise Level; Questions at the Managerial Level; Questions at the Operational Level; Assessing Business Procedures; Conclusions; Aligning Process with Requirements; Aligning Clauses with Key Questions
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