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Lees' Loss Prevention in the Process Industries

Lees' Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 4th Edition

Hazard Identification, Assessment and Control

Lees' Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 4th Edition,ISBN9780123977823





Process safety starts with Lees'.

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Key Features

* THE process safety encyclopedia, trusted worldwide for over 30 years
* Now available in print and online, to aid searchability and portability
* Over 3,600 print pages cover the full scope of process safety and loss prevention, compiling theory, practice, standards, legislation, case studies and lessons learned in one resource as opposed to multiple sources


Safety in the process industries is critical for those who work with chemicals and hazardous substances or processes. The field of loss prevention is, and continues to be, of supreme importance to countless companies, municipalities and governments around the world, and Lees’ is a detailed reference to defending against hazards. Recognized as the standard work for chemical and process engineering safety professionals, it provides the most complete collection of information on the theory, practice, design elements, equipment, regulations and laws covering the field of process safety. An entire library of alternative books (and cross-referencing systems) would be needed to replace or improve upon it, but everything of importance to safety professionals, engineers and managers can be found in this all-encompassing three volume reference instead.


Safety and loss prevention professionals; process and plant engineers; environmental and chemical safety professionals; in all chemical, petroleum and process industry sectors

Lees' Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 4th Edition

1 Introduction
2 Hazard, Incident and Loss
3 Legislation and Law
4 Major Hazard Control
5 Economics and Insurance
6 Management and Management Systems
7 Reliability Engineering
8 Hazard Identification
9 Hazard Assessment
10 Plant Location and Layout
11 Process Design
12 Pressure System Design
13 Control System Design
14 Human Factors and Human Error
15 Emission and Dispersion
16 Fire
17 Explosion
18 Toxic Release
19 Plant Commissioning and Inspection
20 Plant Operation
21 Equipment Maintenance and Modification
22 Storage
23 Transport
24 Emergency Planning
25 Personal Safety
26 Accident Research
27 Information Feedback
28 Safety Management Systems
29 Computer Aids
30 Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
31 Incident Investigation
32 Inherently Safer Design
33 Reactive Chemicals
34 Safety Instrumented Systems
35 Chemical Security
New Safety Culture
New Metrics and Performance Measurement
New Benchmarking
New Engineering for Sustainable Development
New Liquefied Natural Gas

1 Case Histories
2 Flixborough
3 Seveso
4 Mexico City
5 Bhopal
6 Pasadena
7 Canvey Reports
8 Rijnmond Report
9 Laboratories
10 Pilot Plants
11 Safety, Health and the Environment
12 Noise
13 Safety Factors for Simple Relief Systems
14 Failure and Event Data
15 Earthquakes
16 San Carlos de la Rapita
17 ACDS Transport Hazards Report
18 Offshore Process Safety
19 Piper Alpha
20 Nuclear Energy
21 Three Mile Island
22 Chernobyl
23 Rasmussen Report
24 ACMH Model Licence Conditions
25 HSE Guidelines on developments near Major Hazards
26 Public Planning Inquiries
27 Standards and Codes
28 Institutional Publications
28 Information Sources
30 Units and Unit Conversions
31 Process Safety Management (PSM) Regulation
in the United States
32 Risk Management Program Regulation in the United States
33 Incident Databases
New Katrina and Rita
New BP Texas City
New Buncefield
New Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster
Loss Prevention Bulletin
Computer Codes Index
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