The Technician's EMI Handbook, 1st Edition

The Technician's EMI Handbook, 1st Edition,Joseph Carr,ISBN9780750672337






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Key Features

Addresses the technician's needs and interests
Written by an eminent authority in the field
Covers correction and prevention of problems with EMI


A hands-on guide to finding the sources of electromagnetic interference and then fixing the problems. Includes basic theory of EMI as well as detailed explanations of why this problem is becoming more serious as the international scope of the communications and electronics industries grow. This book is not a textbook, but rather a handbook that will become a constant source of reference for anyone who runs into trouble with EMI. Includes chapters on grounding, circuit shielding and filtering, preventing EMI in circuit design, as well as EMI sources such as power lines, transmitters, television, consumer electronics, telephones, automobiles, and the ever-frustrating mystery EMI.

There are very few other books available even though EMI is constantly discussed and cursed. Most of the books on the market are about how to prevent EMI in circuit design or approaches to understanding the theory behind EMI. Though this information is important, especially to an engineering audience, these books hold no value at all to the technicians and hands-on practitioners in the fields of communications and servicing.These savvy professionals know that the book they are looking for and need is just not on the market. To get the information they need, this group is forced to read every magazine article they can find on the subject and rely on the advice of other professionals whether through technician groups or newsgroups. This book fills a void in the telecommunications and electronics industries by providing practical troubleshooting information.


Technicians; anyone who works in the wireless communications market as well as people in the maintenance and installation of satellite, telecommunications, and electronics systems

Joseph Carr

Joe Carr devoted his life to furthering a wider understanding of electronics and spreading his passion for radio, becoming one of the USA’s best known technical authors with over 25 books and hundreds of magazine articles to his name. Newnes is proud to have published a number of his recent titles, including his last book, RF Components and Circuits.

Affiliations and Expertise

US Defense Department

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The Technician's EMI Handbook, 1st Edition

Introduction the the EMI Problem;Electrical and Electromagnetic Fundamentals;Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Interference;Grounding Methods for RF Systems;Shielding Electronic Circuits;Filtering Electronic Circuits;AC Power Line & Electrical Device EMI;Controlling Transmitter Spurious Emissions;Telephones and EMI;Noise Cancellation Bridges;Locating EMI Sources;EMI to Television, Cable TV and VCR Equipment;EMI to Consumer Electronics;EMI From Computers;Mystery EMI, Rusty Downspouts and All That;Radio Receiver Basics;Dealing with Radio Receiver System EMI;Electrostatic Discharge(ESD);Regulatory Issues.

Quotes and reviews

This book is not a textbook, but rather a handbook that will become a constant source of reference for anyone who runs into trouble with EMI. -Electronic Servicing & Technology
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