Loss Prevention and the Small Business

Loss Prevention and the Small Business, 1st Edition

Loss Prevention and the Small Business, 1st Edition,J. Robert Wyman,ISBN9780750671620





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Key Features

Includes information beyond the typical retail theft by employees and customers
Cover business losses from administrative errors to white collar crime
Practical with numerous worksheets, forms, and templates for asset protection exercises


With half of all new businesses failing in the first two years, every aspect of good business planning must be considered, but loss prevention is very often overlooked. Most small business owners grapple with the day to day challenges of sales and marketing, never realizing that the shadow of shrinkage is expanding daily, waiting to reveal itself in the annual inventory results. Ravaged by theft and paperwork losses, the already tight profit margin can shrink into oblivion. Loss Prevention and the Small Business opens the eyes of the reader to the reality of shrinkage in all its guises including shoplifting, fraud, and embezzlement. Armed with this awareness, the security specialist or owner/manager can utilize the many strategies to both inhibit losses and aggressively pursue those persons and processes that cause losses.

This is a comprehensive guide to developing and maintaining a loss prevention strategy. It assists the reader in creating a dynamic proactive plan for protecting their hard-earned profits from the menace of internal and external loss.


This is a professional reference for security professionals who work in or advise small businesses.

J. Robert Wyman

Affiliations and Expertise

President of a consulting firm that specializes in financial management and control for small businesses. J. Robert Wyman began his career in the intelligence field, and also has a background in finance and fiscal management. He has worked for more than a decade in asset protection management for various national corporations where he developed extensive training programs to deal with the day to day realities of loss prevention.

Loss Prevention and the Small Business, 1st Edition

Courting the Small Business; The Anatomy of Shrinkage; External Crimes and Losses; Elements of Cause: Solid Cases with Minimal Liability; Detaining and Processing the External Case; Internal Losses - Associate Dishonesty; The Internal Investigation; Controlling Administrative Losses; Tools of the Trade;
Appendix A Loss Prevention Strategy Worksheet; Appendix B Loss Prevention Report Card by Business; Appendix C Forms and Templates

Quotes and reviews

'Any security professional would benefit from this concise, thoughtful, and well-written text. It is an important tool for retail security professionals aiming to become self-reliant.' - Security Management
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