I-Way Robbery, 1st Edition

I-Way Robbery, 1st Edition,William C. Boni,Gerald Kovacich,ISBN9780750670296





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Key Features

Addresses the subject of internet security from the non-information systems perspective
Detailed incident reports to fully illustrate the specific issues readers must understand to fully appreciate the risks of I-Way activity
Covers a broad range of issues


I-Way Robbery is for security, investigative, law enforcement, and other criminal justice professionals, offering a unique look at the Internet as the new crime environment for the 21st century. The book provides an overview of the Internet, its impact on nations, societies, criminals, security officers, and law enforcement professionals, and includes recommended basic, protective measures.

I-Way Robbery is written in non-technical terms. It is also an excellent reference for business and government agency managers who must understand their responsibilities as they relate to asset protection - especially those who have on and off ramps connected to the I-Way.

Boni and Kovacich start with the basics and teach users about the internet before teaching them about the security risks. This addresses the subject from the non-information systems perspective and educates the average user about the overall risks and appropriate protective measures they should enforce and follow.

This book is a must-have for anyone with an interest in the pitfalls and precautions of doing business on the internet.

I-Way Robbery: Crime on the Internet, uniquely approaches the much talked about topic of Internet Crime and security. It is written for anyone who wants a basic understanding of the Internet crime environment now and into the 21st Century. It covers related Internet business, government, global, laws, politics and privacy issues; techniques being used to commit crimes; what can be done about it; and what challenges the future may hold including topics such as information warfare.

Drawing on their decades of experience in high-technology and Internet crime investigations William Boni and Dr. Gerald L. Kovacich have written not only an excellent reference book for business and government agency managers, small business owners, and teachers, but for anyone who drives along the I-Way.


Security Professionals

William C. Boni


Affiliations and Expertise

Director, Information Security for Motorola Corporation. He has worked as the Director of Information Protection Practices for Amgen; as a U.S. Army counterintelligence officer; federal agent and investigator; and a security consultant for such firms as PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young

Gerald Kovacich


Dr. Kovacich has over 40 years of security, criminal and civil investigations, anti-fraud, information warfare, and information systems security experience in both government as a special agent and as a manager in international corporations. Dr. Kovacich currently resides on an island in Washington state where he continues to write, lecture and conduct research relative to information systems security, information warfare defensive and offensive operations, high-technology crime and techno-terrorism.

Affiliations and Expertise

Security consultant, lecturer, and author, Oak Harbor, WA, USA

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I-Way Robbery, 1st Edition

What is the I-Way?; What Has Been the Impact of the I-Way?; Dangerous Curves Ahead!; I-Way Bandits, Laws, Politics and Other Issues; I-Way Robbers and Other Miscreants; I-Way Targets; I-Way Robbers - How Did They Do That?; I-Way Robberies!; What Caused the I-Way Security Problems?; Basic I-Way Protection for Businesses and Government Agencies; Driving the I-Way into the 21st Century; Appendices

Quotes and reviews

'I-Way Robbery is a must-read for anyone who is concerned about internet crime and needs to get up to speed on the problem.' - Security Management
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