Strategic Maintenance Planning

Strategic Maintenance Planning, 1st Edition

Strategic Maintenance Planning, 1st Edition,Anthony Kelly,ISBN9780750669924






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Maintenance insight enables better strategic judgments. This book equips you to meet the maintenance challenge with proven tools and the hard-won experience of others

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Key Features

* The first of three stand-alone companion books, focusing on the formulation of strategy and the planning aspects of maintenance management
* Learn how to establish objectives - for physical assets and maintenance resources; Formulate a life plan for each unit and a preventive maintenance schedule for the plant as a whole; Design a maintenance organization and budget to ensure that the maintenance work can be resourced
* With numerous review questions, exercises and case studies - selected to ensure coverage across a wide range of industries including processing, mining, food, power generation and transmission


Strategic Maintenance Planning deals with the concepts, principles and techniques of preventive maintenance, and shows how the complexity of maintenance strategic planning can be resolved by a systematic ‘Top-Down-Bottom-Up’ approach. It explains how to establish objectives for physical assets and maintenance resources, and how to formulate an appropriate life plan for plant. It then shows how to use the life plans to formulate a preventive maintenance schedule for the plant as a whole, along with a maintenance organization and a budget to ensure that maintenance work can be resourced.

This is one of three stand-alone volumes designed to provide maintenance professionals in any sector with a better understanding of maintenance management, enabling the identification of problems and the delivery of effective solutions.


Professional: Maintenance, plant, production and operations engineers in any industry sector and many service sectors; Academic: these are not text books, but their origin is in Masters-level course notes for quality, reliability and maintenance engineers and as with Kelly’s other books, they will have a rigour and pedagogy which will make them suitable course use

Anthony Kelly

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Surrey, Guildford, UK

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Strategic Maintenance Planning, 1st Edition

Maintenance and the industrial organization
Plant acquisition policy and maintenance life-cycle costs
Formulating maintenance strategy: a business centred approach
The structure of industrial plant
Maintenance objectives
Preventive maintenance decision making, Part 1 – principles, concepts and techniques
Preventive maintenance decision making, Part 2 – maintenance task selection
Maintenance task selection using reliability-centred maintenance
Determining the life plan and schedule: The Top Down –Bottom Up Approach
Controlling plant reliability
Exercises on Maintenance Strategy
Case studies of maintenance strategy
Appendix 1: Terminology
Appendix 2: In-situ repair techniques
Appendix 3: Introductory failure statistics

Quotes and reviews

The book guides the reader in establishing objectives for the organization. It covers the maintenance of plan, productions, and operations assets in industry and service sectors, including manufacturing, food and process engineering, minerals and mining, transport, power, and information technology.-IE Industrial Engineer, January 2007
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