Robot Builder's Cookbook, 1st Edition

Build and Design Your Own Robots

Robot Builder's Cookbook, 1st Edition,ISBN9780750665568





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Discover the world of robotics by building and programming your own robots

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Key Features

· Full step-by-step instructions for 5 complete self-build robots
· Introduces key techniques in electronics, programming and construction - for robust robots that work first time
· Illustrations, close-up photographs and a lively, readable text make this a fun and informative guide for novice and experienced robot builders


Owen Bishop introduces, through hands-on project work, the mechanics, electronics and programming involved in practical robot design-and-build. The use of the PIC microcontroller throughout provides a painless introduction to programming whilst harnessing the power of a highly popular microcontroller used by students and design engineers worldwide.

This is a book for first-time robot builders, advanced builders wanting to know more about programming robots and students in Further and Higher Education tackling microcontroller-based practical work. They will all find this book a unique and exciting source of projects, ideas and techniques, to be combined into a wide range of fascinating robots.


1) Hobby: electronics hobbyists and ‘Robot Wars’ home-build robot enthusiasts.
2) Students involved in practical microcontroller projects at VocTech and HE level.

Robot Builder's Cookbook, 1st Edition

Introduction - Making a robot
1 Robot behaviour
2 Robot mechanics
3 Robot electronics
4 PICs in control
5 PIC programs
6 Projects
- Scooter
- Android
- A robotic toy
- Quester
- The gantry
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