Sintering, 1st Edition

Sintering, 1st Edition,Suk-Joong Kang,ISBN9780750663854






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The most complete introductory text for materials scientists, mechanical engineers and metallurgists

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Key Features

· Delivering unrivalled depth of coverage on the basis of sintering, science, including thermodynamics and polycrystalline microstructure.
· Unique in its balanced coverage of the three key sintering elements - densification, grain growth and microstructure.
· A key reference for students and engineers in materials science and engineering, accompanied by examination questions and selected solutions.


Sintering is the process of forming materials and components from a powder under the action of thermal energy. It is a key materials science subject: most ceramic materials and many specialist metal powder products for use in key industries such as electronics, automotive and aerospace are formed this way. Written by one of the leading experts in the field, this book offers an unrivalled introduction to sintering and sintering processes for students of materials science and engineering, and practicing engineers in industry.

The book is unique in providing a complete grounding in the principles of sintering and equal coverage of the three key sintering processes: densification, grain growth and microstructure. Students and professional engineers alike will be attracted by the emphasis on developing a detailed understanding of the theory and practical processes of sintering, the balanced coverage of ceramic and metal sintering, and the accompanying examination questions with selected solutions.


Senior undergraduate students, taught postgraduates, research students, professional researchers, engineers and materials scientists in industry and laboratories in the ceramics and metals industries

Suk-Joong Kang

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology

Sintering, 1st Edition


Part I: Basis of Sintering Science
1. Sintering Processes
2. Thermodynamics of the Interface
3. Polycrystalline Microstructures
General References for Sintering Science

Part II: Solid State Sintering Models and Densification
4. Initial Stage Sintering
5. Intermediate and Final Stage Sintering

Part III: Grain Growth
6. Normal Grain Growth and Second-Phase Particles
7. Grain Boundary Segregation and Grain Boundary Migration
8. Interface Migration under Chemical Inequilibrium
9. Abnormal Grain Growth

Part IV: Microstructure Development
10. Grain Boundary Energy and Sintering
11. Grain Growth and Densification in Porous Materials

Part V: Sintering of Ionic Compounds
12. Sintering Additives and Defect Chemistry
13. Densification and Grain Growth in Ionic Compounds

Part VI: Liquid Phase Sintering
14. Basis of Liquid Phase Sintering
15. Grain Shape and Grain Growth in a Liquid Matrix
16. Densification Models and Theories

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