Understanding Mobile Human-Computer Interaction

Understanding Mobile Human-Computer Interaction, 1st Edition

Understanding Mobile Human-Computer Interaction, 1st Edition,Steve Love,ISBN9780750663526






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Taking a psychological perspective, examines the role of Human-Computer Interaction in the field of Information Systems research

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Key Features

* Offers a comprehensive insight into the social shaping of technology
* Includes in depth analysis of HCI issues relating to mobile devices
* Provides guidelines, technical tips and an overview of relevant data analysis techniques to help students develop their own research projects


Taking a psychological perspective, this book examines the role of Human-Computer Interaction in the field of Information Systems research.
The introductory section of the book covers the basic tenets of the HCI discipline, including how it developed and an overview of the various academic disciplines that contribute to HCI research. The second part of the book focuses on the application of HCI to Information Systems research, and reviews ways in which HCI techniques, methodologies and other research components have been used to date in the IS field. The third section of the book looks at the research areas where HCI has not yet been fully exploited in relation to IS, such as broadening user groups and user acceptance of technology. The final section of the book comprises of a set of guidelines for students to follow when undertaking an HCI based research project.


Final year undergraduates and MSc students taking HCI modules on Information Systems courses.

MBA students on e-business and m-business courses. MSc psychology students on mobile communication courses.

Steve Love

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Information Systems and Computing, Brunel University, Uxbridge, UK

Understanding Mobile Human-Computer Interaction, 1st Edition

Part 1 What is HCI?
Chapter 1 - Introduction to HCI
Chapter 2 - Designing mobile systems for people
Chapter 3 - Evaluation
Chapter 4 - Principles of interface design
Part 2 Application of HCI to mobile information systems research
Chapter 5 - Gender differences and technology
Chapter 6 - Age differences and technology
Chapter 7 - Special needs and technology
Chapter 8 - Social impact of mobile technology
Part 3 Guidelines for designing mobile HCI-based information systems projects
Chapter 9 - Guidelines
Part 4 Future directions
Chapter 10 - Different user groups
Chapter 11 - Measurement techniques
Chapter 12 - User acceptance of technology
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