Hedge Fund Investment Management, 1st Edition

Hedge Fund Investment Management, 1st Edition,Izzy Nelken,ISBN9780750660075

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There has been a tremendous growth in the Hedge Fund industry in recent years. It is estimated that there are more than 8000 Hedge Funds in the US alone. They have grown in popularity since the bear market of the early 2000s which convinced many people that they cannot just own stocks outright or inside mutual funds.

Most investors understand mutual funds. They understand that the manager selects stocks and buys them. They also understand why they made (or lost) money in their mutual fund investments. The same thing cannot be said about Hedge Funds which come in a variety of flavors. Even savvy investors are often hard pressed to explain the sources of return on their Hedge Funds.

This book should be read by anyone who has invested in, or is considering an investment in, a Hedge Fund and also by anyone who is considering starting one. The book explains the different types of funds as well as covering the key issues in every type of Hedge Fund.

This book covers the entire gamut of the Hedge Fund industry. The authors explain the different styles of Hedge Funds (e.g. market neutral, convertible bond arbitrage, fixed income arbitrage and many more) and include a summary for each style of fund. The book also explains what a “fund of funds” is, and covers the recently introduced capital guarantees and describes the capital preservation concerns that are faced by investors.


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Izzy Nelken

Affiliations and Expertise

A world renowned expert in financial mathematics and President of Super Computer Consulting, Inc - customized software solutions, seminars and special purpose consulting services for the financial services industry.

Hedge Fund Investment Management, 1st Edition

1 Fixed income arbitrage- Ellen Raclin; 2 Diversity in mortgage hedge fund investing- Robert Sherak; 3 Absolute returns in commodity (natural resource) futures investments- Hilary Till and Jodie Gunzberg; 4 Issues in hedge funds going offshore- Claudia Woerheide; 5 Structured products on hedge funds- Jaeson Dubrovay and jean-Marie Barreau; 6 Careers in hedge funds- Kathleen A. Graham; 7 A liquidity haircut for hedge funds- Hari Krishnan and Izzy Nelken; 8 Hedge fund investing: some words of caution- Harry M. Kat; 9 On ranking schemes and portfolio selection- Massimo Di Pierro and Jack W. Mosevich; Index
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