Ship Design and Performance for Masters and Mates

Ship Design and Performance for Masters and Mates, 1st Edition

Ship Design and Performance for Masters and Mates, 1st Edition,ISBN9780750660006





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A clear and concise introduction the ship design and performance for students and practicing marine engineers both at sea and on land

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Key Features

* Accessible information on understanding and improving ship performance at your fingertips
* Ideal for marine engineering students and those studying for certificates of competency
* Covers all key aspects of ship design and performance, with exam revision one-liners


Students, professional trainees and marine engineers studying for their certificates of competency, as well as more experienced marine engineers on shore or at sea, will all welcome this quick to use, comprehensive reference that brings the key information needed to understand ship design and performance to their fingertips in one handy volume. The book does not assume detailed theoretical knowledge, but rather builds up the reader's understanding of how the elements of ship design influence and impact on its performance, and how the engineer, crew and operators can maximise the performance of their vessel in operation.

For non-specialist vocational-level students (British NVQs, Certificates of Competency, plus other international Maritime Licences, such as the MMD in the US), Basic Elements of Ship Design and Performance is an accessible, single source of guidance. It presents key facts, backed up throughout by relevant theory, illustrations and photographs, and also includes valuable with key engineering data, facts and formulas, plus revision one-liners.

Written by an experienced marine engineering consultant, author and lecturer, this essential introduction and reference for students and those newly at sea will appeal to anyone involved with ship design, marine engineering, naval architecture, as well as those engaged in the day-to-day operation of ships in port.


Trainee and practising marine engineers and crew. Students of marine engineering and naval architecture, in particular, those studying for vocational level marine qualifications in maritime colleges/HEIs/FEIs in the UK and abroad. Some undergraduate interest as an ancillary text.

Ship Design and Performance for Masters and Mates, 1st Edition

Preface and introduction; Examples of modern ship-types and their general particulars; Ship design; Preliminary estimates; Design coefficients; Types of ship resistance; Types of ship speed; Types of power on ships; Power coefficients; Designing a ship's propeller; Ship performance; Ship trials; Details of maximum ship squats; The phenomena of interaction of ships in confined waters; Ship vibration; Mechanisms for improving ship handling; Damping devices; Improvements in power output; Reference centre; Formulae; Exam preparations; Index

Quotes and reviews

Ship Design and Performance for Masters and Mates is a particularly useful textbook for those students new to the subjects covered, as well as proving a useful quick reference text for professional practitioners. With clear and concise explanation, it is informative yet easy to follow. The numerous worked examples and clear diagrams will aid the student's understanding. Students will appreciate the photographs, list of formulae and nomenclature. For those with examinations to pass the supply of typical examination questions, revision one-liners and hints on how to pass examinations will be particularly welcome. - Nicola Pryce-Roberts, Liverpool John Moore University, UK, July 2004

"This books is a concise guide to the principal process involved in the design of a merchant ship and the procedures for conducting sea trials to ensure that the ship meets its design criteria...This book exceedingly good value with a lot of information and examples that are relevant for those who wish to follow a career in operating or managing merchant ships." - Seaways, January 2006

"The title of this book should not be taken too literally. While Dr. Barrass indicates that his book is directed at masters and mates, there is excellent material here for a much wider audience. I am inclined to encourage every shipowner, shipowner-to-be, ship builder and ship designer to have this book on his shelf." - Marine Technology, April 2005
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