Hydraulics of Open Channel Flow

Hydraulics of Open Channel Flow, 2nd Edition

Hydraulics of Open Channel Flow, 2nd Edition,Hubert Chanson,ISBN9780750659789






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New edition of the book praised by professionals, academics, students and researchers alike as the most practical modern textbook on open channel flow available

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Key Features

·Comprehensive coverage of the basic principles of key application areas of the hydraulics of open channel flow
·New exercises and examples added to aid understanding
·Ideal for use by students and lecturers in civil and environmental engineering


Since the publication of its first edition in 1999, 'The Hydraulics of Open Channel Flow' has been praised by professionals, academics, students and researchers alike as the most practical modern textbook on open channel flow available. This new edition includes substantial new material on hydraulic modelling, in particular addressing unsteady open channel flows. There are also many new exercises and projects, including a major new revision assignment.

This innovative textbook contains numerous examples and practical applications, and is fully illustrated with photographs. Dr Chanson introduces the basic principles of open channel flow and takes readers through the key topics of sediment transport, hydraulic modelling and the design of hydraulic structures.


Students & professionals of civil & environmental engineering, hydraulics & fluid mechanics.

Hubert Chanson

Hubert Chanson is a reader in fluid mechanics, hydraulics and waterengineering at the University of Queensland, Australia. His research interests include hydraulic engneering, design of hydraulic structures, two-phase gas-liquid flows, mixing and dispersion in coastal and estuarine zones. He has had over 200 international refereed papers, written 7 books and has been an active consultant for both governmental agencies and private organizations.

Affiliations and Expertise

The University of Queensland, Australia

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Hydraulics of Open Channel Flow, 2nd Edition

Part 1:Basic principles of open channel flows - Introduction, Fundamental equations, Applications of the Bernoulli equation to open channel flows, Applications of the momentum principle, Uniform flows and gradually varied flows. Part 2: Introduction to sediment transport in open channels - Sediment transport and sediment properties, Inception of sediment motion - occurrence of bed load motion, Inception of suspended load motion, Sediment transport mechanisms - bed load transport, Sediment transport mechanisms - suspended load transport, Sediment transport capacity and total sediment transport. Part 3: Hydraulic modelling - Summary of basic hydraulic principles, Physical modelling of hydraulics, Numerical modelling: backwater computations, Unsteady open channel flows - basic equations, Unsteady open channel flows - applications, Numerical modelling of unsteady open channel flows. Part 4: Design of hydraulic systems - Introduction to the design of hydraulic structures, Design of weirs and spillways, Design of drop structures and stepped cascades, Culvert design. Index.

Quotes and reviews

"This practical and comprehensive textbook covers all aspects of unconstrained water channels such as rivers, wetlands, and canals that have a surface interacting with the atmosphere. The basic principles of fluid mechanics are discussed, and readers later encounter concepts of sediment transport and hydraulic modelling. The concluding chapter introduces the design of hydraulic structures." - Environmental Science and Technology

"One special feature of this book is that the author provides numerous worked examples, review questions, and interesting historical notes, as well as a number of ideas that are useful to students and might also spark their interest in the subject. Towards the end of the book is a interesting presentation of several historically important projects. Reading through the book, one cannot miss the tremendous enthusiasm the author has for hydraulic engineering.
This book will be useful for undergraduate students and I would recommend it to them. I also think that graduate students and practical engineers will benefit by studying this book."
Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering

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