Finance of International Trade, 1st Edition

Finance of International Trade, 1st Edition,Eric Bishop,ISBN9780750659086






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Everything you need to know about key aspects in corporate finance.

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Key Features

*Inspired from the basic entry level training courses that have been developed by major international banks worldwide.
*Will enable MSc Finance students, MBA students and those already in the finance profession to gain an understanding of the basic information and principles underlying the topic under discussion
*Questions with answers, study topics, practical "real world" examples and text with an extensive bibliography and references ensure learning outcomes can be immediately applied

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Introduction to International Trade Finance covers the complete cycle of international trade and explains the roles of the specialist operators.

Introduction to International Trade Finance aims to:
*Guide the reader through every phase of typical trade transactions, examining in detail the relationships between the various parties involved and explaining the facilities employed.
*Demonstrate the range of banking instruments and techniques available to exporters and importers which enable them to enter into contracts, confident that whichever method of settlement they agree upon can be provided with the minimum of risk.
*Provide a firm understanding of when to apply a particular form of finance, what risks are involved and how they can be counteracted

Now updated to include the UCP600.


MSc Finance Students, MBA students studying Finance options, and new finance professionals

Eric Bishop

Affiliations and Expertise

Independent Financial Consultant

Finance of International Trade, 1st Edition

Principle players; Cross-border trading; Contracts; Incoterms; Methods of Payment; Bills for Collection; Uniform Rules for Collections; The Irrevocable Documentary Credit; Guarantees; Standby Letters of Credit; International Standby Practices (ISP98); Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees; Short Term Credit Insurance; Marine Insurance; Foreign Exchange Risk; Special Types of Credits; Financing; Forfaiting; Countertrade; Electronic Commerce for International Trade Settlement; Prevention of Fraud in International Trade; Appendices.

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Now updated to include the UCP600.
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