Credit Risk Management, 1st Edition

Credit Risk Management, 1st Edition,Andrew Fight,ISBN9780750659031






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An essential book for all finance professionals who need a quick but thorough grounding in this specific area of finance.

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Key Features

*Inspired by the basic entry level training courses that have been developed by major international banks worldwide.
*Will enable students and those already in the finance profession to gain an understanding of the basic information and principles of credit risk
*Questions with answers, study topics, practical "real world" examples and text with an extensive bibliography


Credit Risk Management will enable general bankers, staff, and credit analyst trainees to understand the basic information and principles underlying credit risk evaluation, and to use those underlying principles to undertake an analysis of non financial and financial risks when preparing a credit proposal. Since the best loans are the ones that do not present problems during the repayment phase, the authors also focus on elements relating to the proactive management of those loans during their inception.

This book introduces:
*Credit analysis, approval and management processes
*Concepts of financial and non-financial risk
*Financial statement analysis, including the use of ratio anaylsis
*Cash flow analysis and forecasting
*Security enhancement & management procedures designed to legally & financially manage credit risk


MSc Finance Students, MBA students studying Finance options, new finance professionals

Andrew Fight

Andrew Fight is an international banking and training consultant with 20 years banking and finance experience and has trained in Banks and financial institutions throughout the world as well as in the U.K. His expertise is in all aspects of Corporate Credit, Analysing Banks and Financial Institutions Risk, Syndicated Lending, and Project Finance, and he has an ongoing research interest in Debt Recovery and the roles of Credit Rating Agencies in the investor creditor community. Andrew has written and developed course materials for both tailored and public courses for Euromoney Training, BPP Financial Training, Intellexis Training, the French Bankers Training Institute, Bankakademie in Germany, and aid programmes for the European Union, USAID Eurasia Foundation, and Asian Development Bank. He has also written a dozen books on Banking and Finance related subjects for Euromoney Publications, Wiley and Sons, Express Exec / Capstone Publishing. During the last year Andrew has led successful courses in Malaysia, India, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Algeria, France, Germany, and the UK

Affiliations and Expertise

International banking and training consultant

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Credit Risk Management, 1st Edition

Introduction to Credit Risk Management: What is the role of credit analysis?; Framework for credit analysis; Types of lending; Types of financial statements; Contents of financial statements; Different presentations of financial statements; Problems with financial statements; Analytical methodology; Outside information; Conclusion; Exercises; Business Risks: Introduction to business risks; Introduction to non-financial and transactional risks; Some questioning techniques; Nature of the obligor; Management; Macroeconomic risk areas; Microeconomic risk areas; Exercises; Financial Risks: Financial Statement Analysis; Ratio analysis; Cash flow forecasting; Transaction Risks: Term loan agreements; Covenants, events of default, and protection; Security enhancement; Follow up on loan agreement compliance; Background to loan agreement covenants; Failure and Risk Classification Systems: Identifying causes of failure; Failure prediction models; Annexes: Management attitude problem exhibit; Creative accounting exhibit; FRS and SSAP Accounting Reporting Standards; Glossary; Suggested Readings.
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