Improving Changeover Performance

Improving Changeover Performance, 1st Edition

Improving Changeover Performance, 1st Edition,S. Culley,A. Mileham,R. McIntosh,G. Owen,ISBN9780750650878

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Key Features

Provides overall methodology for changeover improvementIncorporates design into SMED system Recommended by the IMechE Journal of Engineering Manufacture


'Improving Changeover Performance' is essential reading for managers, engineers and improvement practitioners working in manufacturing industries. It will also prove invaluable to original equipment manufacturers and postgraduates and academic researchers alike.

Increasing importance is being placed on responsive, flexible manufacture in multi-product industrial environments. The ability to changeover production facilities both quickly and to a high standard is a key component of just-in-time and lean manufacturing paradigms, which are increasingly being adopted as businesses strive to compete in today's volatile and congested markets.

Currently industry frequently adopts the SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) system, a well-established shop floor method to improve changeovers. This book takes a major step beyond the SMED system, by describing in much greater detail than hitherto the potential role of engineering design, of both substantive and non-substantive nature, to enhance changeovers. It also clearly sets out what better changeover performance can contribute to business competitiveness, and describes the many pitfalls that an improvement initiative can face.


Industrial and manufacturing engineers. Postgraduate mechanical and manufacturing engineering students.

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G. Owen

Affiliations and Expertise

All at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath, UK

Improving Changeover Performance, 1st Edition

Manufacturing flexibility;
Addressing changeover issues: an overall methodology for changeover improvement;
Financial benefit analysis;
The role of design;
Shop floor issues: changeover auditing;
Shop floor issues: develop and operational strategy; set local targets; implement; monitor;
Organisation-led improvement techniques;
Design-led improvement techniques;
Case studies.

Quotes and reviews

'Improving Changeover Performance is the first book since Shingo that genuinely extends understanding of changeover issues. It challenges the widely held belief that application of the SMED system alone will always lead to significant and sustainable improvement....It is genuinely insightful and useful for senior managers..It works well as an academic text...this is by far the most comprehensive changeover text yet available.'
IMechE Journal of Engineering Manufacture, Vol 216, B
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