Electronic Access Control

Electronic Access Control, 1st Edition

Electronic Access Control, 1st Edition,Gerard Honey,ISBN9780750644730





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A vital topic for offices, business premises, homes, and secure outdoor areas.

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Key Features

  • Practical information needed by system designers and installers
  • Essential knowledge required to gain SITO qualifications
  • Concise and affordable


    Access into buildings, controlled access within buildings, perimeter access control and perimeter protection are all areas that have been expanding rapidly within the security industry. All of these areas are now dominated by electronic solutions.

    Gerard Honey's book is the first to focus on the design and installation of electronic access control systems. By providing the more practical information needed by system designers and installers, as well as essential guidelines for managers with responsibility for security, Electronic Access Control is vital reading for all those involved in the security business.

    This book provides the underpinning knowledge needed for level 3 NVQs and other SITO courses. The concise, accessible text makes it an ideal coursebook. This same accessibility also makes Electronic Access Control ideal for hard-pressed practitioners.


    SITO/City & Guilds NVQ courses (level 3); Professional security system designers and installers.

  • Gerard Honey

    Gerard Honey is an experienced international installer and well known author within the electrical and electronic security and safety areas. He is married with two grown up children and spends part of his time in the north of England, the remainder working abroad. He promotes a healthy lifestyle and swims and cycles on a regular basis, but has an interest in most other sports also - particularly football. Gerard Honey is practical and sees all installations in real terms as he understands technical limitations and working problems.

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Experienced systems installer, Durham, U.K.

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    Electronic Access Control, 1st Edition

    Foreword. Preface. Perimeter protection: Overview of access control; External perimeter protection techniques; Barrier types; Barrier configurations; Safety considerations and emergency exiting; Discussion points. Doors: Door types; Locks; Locking considerations and wiring methods; Discussion points; Glossary of terms and Locking devices. Tokens and readers: Methods of identification; Code identification systems; Card-based identification systems; Non-contract identification systems; Personal characteristic systems; Discussion points. Controllers and systems: Single door controllers and software; Multi-door systems and software; Central processing and personal computers; Power supplies; System cable types; Cable protection and filtering; Discussion points. Survey and design of systems: Surveying; System design; Sensing devices; Remote signalling; Integrated systems; Site detection and monitoring; Auxiliary components and duties; Discussion points. Installation and commissioning: Installation of system cabling; Siting of access equipment; Connection and testing of system components; System programming and configuration; System handover; Health and safety; Discussion points. Service and maintenance and Response organizations: Preventive maintenance; Corrective maintenance; Response organizations; Discussion points. Reference information: Environmental protection; Multiplication factors; Common multiples; Standards and Codes of practice. Index.

    Quotes and reviews

    '...excellent, in-depth study of electronic access control. Full of useful information for all sorts of security practitioners, this book is highly recommended.' Security Management
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