Motorcycle Tuning Two-Stroke

Motorcycle Tuning Two-Stroke, 2nd Edition

Motorcycle Tuning Two-Stroke, 2nd Edition,John Robinson,ISBN9780750618069





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In this well established book, now brought up to date in a second edition, the Technical Editor of `Performance Bikes' shows you how to evaluate your engine, how to assess what work you can undertake yourself, and what is best left to a specialist.

The great attraction of the two-stroke is its enormous potential, contrasted with its appealing simplicity. Armed with little more than a set of files, you can make profound changes to the output power of a two-stroke. But these changes will increase the
power only if you know what you are doing. `Motor Cycle Tuning (Two-stroke)' will therefore guide you through the necessary stages which can enable a stock roadster engine can be turned into a machine capable of winning open-class races, for an outlay which is positively low by racing standards. Very few other books on engine development and most of these are either devoted to car engines or are out of date Promoted by PERFORMANCE BIKES


enthusiasts, students and apprentices

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`Well researched, well written, comprehensive and thoroughly recommended.' CLASSIC MECHANICS
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