Drug Discovery and Development

Drug Discovery and Development, 2nd Edition

Technology in Transition

Drug Discovery and Development, 2nd Edition,Raymond Hill,ISBN9780702042997


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The modern pharmacopeia has enormous power to alleviate disease, and owes its existence almost entirely to the work of the pharmaceutical industry. This book provides an introduction to the way the industry goes about the discovery and development of new drugs. The first part gives a brief historical account from its origins in the mediaeval apothecaries’ trade, and discusses the changing understanding of what we mean by disease, and what therapy aims to achieve, as well as summarising case histories of the discovery and development of some important drugs. The second part focuses on the science and technology involved in the discovery process: the stages by which a promising new chemical entity is identified, from the starting point of a medical need and an idea for addressing it. A chapter on biopharmaceuticals, whose discovery and development tend to follow routes somewhat different from synthetic compounds, is included here, as well as accounts of patent issues that arise in the discovery phase, and a chapter on research management in this environment. The third section of the book deals with drug development: the work that has to be undertaken to turn the drug candidate that emerges from the discovery process into a product on the market.

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Raymond Hill

Affiliations and Expertise

President, British Pharmacological Society, London, UK

Drug Discovery and Development, 2nd Edition




1. The development of the pharmaceutical industry

H P Rang

2. The nature of disease and the purpose of therapy

H P Rang, R G Hill

3. Therapeutic modalities

H P Rang, H LeVine, R G Hill



4. The drug discovery process: general principles and some case histories

H P Rang, R G Hill

5. Choosing the project

H P Rang, R G Hill

6. Choosing the target

H P Rang, R G Hill

7. The role of information, bioinformatics and genomics

B Robson, R McBurney

8. High-throughput screening

D Cronk

9. The role of medicinal chemistry in the drug discovery process

P Beswick, A Naylor

10. DMPK optimization strategy in drug discovery

P G Ballard, P Brassil, K H Bui, H Dolgos, C Petersson, A Tunek, P J H Webborn

11. Pharmacology: its role in drug discovery

H P Rang

12. Biopharmaceuticals

H LeVine

13. Scaffolds: Small globular proteins as antibody substitutes

D Grabulovski, J Bertschinger



14. Drug development: introduction

H P Rang, R G Hill

15. Assessing drug safety

H P Rang, R G Hill

16. Pharmaceutical developmentT Lundqvist, S Bredenberg

17. Clinical Development – Present and Future

C Keywood

18. Clinical imaging in drug development

P M Matthews

19. Intellectual property in drug discovery and development

P Grubb

20. Regulatory affairs

I Hägglöf, Å Holmgren

21. Marketing the drug

V L Lawton



22. Drug discovery and development – facts and figures

H P Rang, R G Hill

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