Handbook of Proof Theory, 1st Edition

Handbook of Proof Theory, 1st Edition,S.R. Buss,ISBN9780444898401

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This volume contains articles covering a broad spectrum of proof theory, with an emphasis on its mathematical aspects. The articles should not only be interesting to specialists of proof theory, but should also be accessible to a diverse audience, including logicians, mathematicians, computer scientists and philosophers. Many of the central topics of proof theory have been included in a self-contained expository of articles, covered in great detail and depth.

The chapters are arranged so that the two introductory articles come first; these are then followed by articles from core classical areas of proof theory; the handbook concludes with articles that deal with topics closely related to computer science.

S.R. Buss

Affiliations and Expertise

Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA, USA

Handbook of Proof Theory, 1st Edition

Preface. List of Contributors. I. An Introduction to Proof Theory (S.R. Buss). II. First-Order Proof Theory of Arithmetic (S.R. Buss). III. Hierarchies of Provably Recursive Functions (M. Fairtlough, S.S. Wainer). IV. Subsystems of Set Theory and Second Order Number Theory (W. Pohlers). V. Gödel's Functional ("Dialectica") Interpretation (J. Avigad, S. Feferman). VI. Realizability (A.S. Troelstra). VII. The Logic of Provability (G. Japaridze, D. de Jongh). VIII. The Lengths of Proofs (P. Pudlák). IX. A Proof-Theoretic Framework for Logic Programming (G. Jäger, R.F. Stärk). X. Types in Logic, Mathematics and Programming (R.L. Constable). Name Index. Subject Index.

Quotes and reviews

@from:Toshiyasu Arai
@qu:The Handbook is most welcome in the logic community. I recommend the Handbook to researchers and graduate students in logic, mathematics, computer science, philosophy, linguistics, artificial intelligence, automated reasoning and cognitive sciences.
@source:Bulletin of Symbolic Logic
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