Finite Elements, Electromagnetics and Design

Finite Elements, Electromagnetics and Design, 1st Edition

Finite Elements, Electromagnetics and Design, 1st Edition,S.R.H. Hoole,ISBN9780444895639

S Hoole   

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Advanced topics of research in field computation are explored in this publication. Contributions have been sourced from international experts, ensuring a comprehensive specialist perspective. A unity of style has been achieved by the editor, who has specifically inserted appropriate cross-references throughout the volume, plus a single collected set of references at the end. The book provides a multi-faceted overview of the power and effectiveness of computation techniques in engineering electromagnetics. In addition to examining recent and current developments, it is hoped that it will stimulate further research in the field.

S.R.H. Hoole

Affiliations and Expertise

Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA, USA and National University of Singapore, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Singapore

Finite Elements, Electromagnetics and Design, 1st Edition

Dedication. Editor's Preface. Table of Contents. List of Contributors. Electromagnetic Field Computation (S.R.H. Hoole). Solution of 3-D Eddy Current Problems by Finite Elements (T. Nakata, N. Takahashi, K. Fujiwara). Coupling Finite Element Models of Electrical Machinery to External Circuits (G. Bedrosian, M.V.K. Chari). Analysis of Magnetic Vibrations in Rotating Electric Machines (S.J. Salon, C.J. Slavik, M.J. DeBortoli, G. Reyne). Electrical Circuits and Finite Element Field Models: A General Approach (B.E. MacNeal, J.R. Brauer). Modeling Magnetic Materials for Finite Element Simulation (G. Meunier, J.-C. Sabonnadiere). Finite Elements in the Analysis of Recording Devices (F. Ossart, G. Meunier, J.-C. Sabonnadiere). Application of Integral and Differential Methods to Electromagnetic Field Problems (A. Konrad, I.A. Tsukerman). Edge Elements (S. Subramaniam, S.R.H. Hoole). Synthesizing Devices through Finite Element Performance Modeling (S.R.H. Hoole). Parallel Algorithms and Matrix Solvers in Finite Element Field Analysis (S.R.H. Hoole). Numerical Methods for Characterizing High-Speed Interconnects in Digital Circuits (S. Kalaichelvan). Electromagnetic Signal Processing: A Case Study (T. Kirubarajan, P.R.P. Hoole). Computation of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields: With Neural Network Applications (P.R.P. Hoole, B.A.A.P. Balasuriya). Open Boundary Problems with Finite Elements (D. Kurumbalapitiya, S.R.H. Hoole). On the Features of Electromagnetic Finite Element Analysis Software Packages (A.A. Arkadan). Appendix A: Vector Identities. Appendix B: The Uniqueness of the Scalar Potential. Appendix C: The Uniqueness of the Vector Field. Appendix D: Integration of Triangular Coordinates. Collected Bibliography.
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