Cognitive Issues in Motor Expertise

Cognitive Issues in Motor Expertise, 1st Edition

Cognitive Issues in Motor Expertise, 1st Edition,J. Starkes,F. Allard,ISBN9780444893024

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J. Starkes

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Kinesiology, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ont., Canada

F. Allard

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Kinesiology, University of Waterloo, Ont., Canada

Cognitive Issues in Motor Expertise, 1st Edition

Part One. Preliminaries: Approaches to the Study of Expertise. 1. Motor experts: Opening thoughts (J.L. Starkes). 2. Cognition, expertise, and motor performance (F. Allard). 3. The role of three dimensional analysis in the assessment of motor expertise (H. Carnahan). Part Two. Domains. 4. Determinants of video game performance (D.M. Baba). 5. Analyzing diagnostic expertise of competitive swimming coaches (R.R. Leas, M.T.H. Chi). 6. Declarative knowledge in skilled motor performance: By-product or constituent? (F. Allard, J. Deakin, S. Parker, W. Rodgers). 7. The relationship between expertise and visual information processing in sport (W. Helsen, J.M. Pauwels). 8. The perceptual side of action: Decision-making in sport (C.J. Chamberlain, A.J. Coelho). 9. Knowledge representation and decision-making in sport (S.L. McPherson). 10. Neuropsychological analyses of surgical skill (A.L. Schueneman, J. Pickleman). 11. The skill of speech production (K.G. Munhall). Part Three. Acquisition and Developmental Aspects. 12. A stitch in time: Cognitive issues in microsurgery (J.L. Starkes, I. Payk, P. Jennen, D. LeClair). 13. Motor expertise and aging: The relevance of lifestyle to balance (M.J. Stones, B. Hong, A. Kozman). 14. The development of expertise in youth sport (K.E. French, M.E. Nevett). Part Four. Theoretical Considerations and Evaluations of the Approach. 15. A modular approach to individual differences in skill and coordination (S.K. Jones). 16. Three legacies of Bryan and Harter: Automaticity, variability and change in skilled performance (T.D. Lee, S.P. Swinnen). 17. Strategies for improving understanding of motor expertise (or mistakes we have made and things we have learned!!) (B. Abernethy, K.T. Thomas, J.T. Thomas). Part Five: Editor's Epilogue: Where Are We Now? Author index. Subject index.
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