Phylogenetic and Biochemical Perspectives, 1st Edition

Phylogenetic and Biochemical Perspectives, 1st Edition,T.P. Mommsen,Peter Hochachka,ISBN9780444891242

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This new series on The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Fishes grew out of the demand for state-of-the-art review articles in a rapidly expanding field of research. Up to the present, most research literature on biochemistry involved rats and humans, but new breakthroughs in the piscine setting have indicated that the field is ready for a review series of its own. Because of funding and experimental availability restrictions, most research in the field has dealt with fish and insects. Within the insect field, comparative biochemistry and comparative physiology have proceeded along independent paths as opposed to the piscine field, where the tendency has been for the latter to envelop the former.
This volume sets out to make comparative biochemistry and comparative physiology independent of each other within the piscine setting, another important rationale for this review series as well as detailing the phylogenetic evolution of fishes. The goal of the series is to provide researchers and students with an appropriate balance between experimental results and theoretical concepts.

T.P. Mommsen

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Victoria, BC, Canada

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Peter Hochachka

Affiliations and Expertise

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Phylogenetic and Biochemical Perspectives, 1st Edition

Contributors. Preface. On the biochemistry and cell physiology of water (J.S. Clegg, W. Drost-Hansen). Evolution of the fish genome (M.M. Ferguson, F.W. Allendorf). Evolution of mitochondrial enzyme systems in fish: the mitochondrial synthesis of glutamine and citrulline (J.W. Campbell, P.M. Anderson). Frontiers in the study of the biochemistry and molecular biology of vision and luminescence in fishes (M.J. McFall-Ghai, W. Toller). Function and evolution of fish hormonal pheromones (N.E. Stacey, P.W. Sorensen). Urea synthesis of fishes: evolutionary and biochemical perspectives (T.P. Mommsen, P.J. Walsh). The interface of animal and aqueous environment: strategies and constraints on the maintenance of solute balance (S.H. Wright). Carbon dioxide and ammonia metabolism and exchange (P.J. Walsh, R.P Henry). Biochemical aspects of buoyancy in fishes (C.F. Phleger). Movements in water: constraints and adaptations (I.A. Johnston, J.D. Altringham). Endothermy in fish: thermogenesis, ecology and evolution (B.A. Block). Temperature: the ectothermy option (P.W. Hochachka). Pressure as an environmental variable: magnitude and mechanisms of perturbation (J.F. Siebenaller). Species Index. Subject Index.

Quotes and reviews

@qu:The audiences to which this excellent quality volume will appeal include graduate students and professors in courses and seminars in comparative biochemistry (this book could supplement the textbook) and researchers in piscine biochemistry. Those in mammalian to microbial biochemistry will find the theoretical advances stimulating. Investigators in applied fields, such as fish health and toxicology, could add this useful in-depth reference to their libraries.
@source:Fisheries Review
@qu:...should be especially useful to graduate students, who will find this an effective reference for quickly surveying a diversity of profitable research techniques.
@source:Transactions of the American Fisheries Society
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