Analysis of Substances in the Gaseous Phase

Analysis of Substances in the Gaseous Phase, 1st Edition

Analysis of Substances in the Gaseous Phase, 1st Edition,E. Smolkova-Keulemansova,L. Feltl,ISBN9780444891228


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Nowadays, there are increasing demands for the control and specification of all aspects of industrial manufacturing. There is also a growing need to understand various biological processes and conditions for agricultural production, and concern for protection of the environment and human health. These factors have made it imperative to develop adequate methods for the analysis of gaseous substances or substances that can be converted to the gaseous state. It is not only necessary to apply known and developed methods correctly, but novel analytical procedures must also be found. Instrumentation should be improved and the applications of these methods will have to be extended.

The present volume provides a comprehensive description of the state-of-the-art and of future possibilities in the analysis of gaseous substances. In the individual chapters the following themes have been discussed; the theoretical basis for the methods, a description of the instrumentation and the steps necessary in actual analyses and an outline of the principal areas in which each method can be employed. Both classical methods that are still useful for the solution of analytical problems using simple instrumentation, and the newest methods in the field are described. Special attention is paid to modern electrochemical and spectroscopic methods, and to methods based on a number of physical principles. Gas chromatography is discussed in the greatest detail because of its specially important position in modern analytical chemistry.

The book should be well received by the analytical public and should be extremely useful to students and workers in scientific research laboratories and in fields dealing with environmental protection.

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L. Feltl

Affiliations and Expertise

Charles University, Department of Analytical Chemistry, Prague, Czechoslovakia

Analysis of Substances in the Gaseous Phase, 1st Edition

1. Introduction. 2. The History of the Chemistry of Gases. 3. Characteristics of Gas Analysis. 4. Determination of the Temperature, Pressure and Volume. 5. Sample Storage and Treatment. 6. Qualitative and Semi-Quantitative Methods of Gas Analysis. 7. Methods of Quantitative Analysis. 8. Chemical and Physico-Chemical Methods of Gas Analysis. 9. Physical Methods of Gas Analysis. 10. Gas Chromatography. Bibliography. Subject Index.

Quotes and reviews

@qu:The volume represents a unique reference work in the field of gas-phase analytical chemistry. It should find a useful place in the laboratory of many environmental chemists as well as the shelves of university and college libraries.
@source:The Analyst
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