Dynamics of Structures

Dynamics of Structures, 1st Edition

Dynamics of Structures, 1st Edition,J.H. Argyris,H.-P. Mlejnek,ISBN9780444890450


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This volume covers the computational dynamics of linear and non-linear engineering systems subject to conservative as well as non-conservative loads. Available in both paperback and hardback, the volume proposes an as simple as possible numerical evaluation of dynamic phenomena.
Practically all known methods of linear spectral analysis like the Householder, Givens, Wiland, Lanczos, Jacobi, Guyan, Eberlein, etc., are clearly detailed with a critical appraisal of their advantages and disadvantages. A great number of flow diagrams and examples are given in order to facilitate the understanding and practical application. A technically experienced reader will no doubt appreciate the interpretative difficulties of a subject like random or stochastic vibration expounded in a special chapter. Non-model damping is also detailed and the highly topical direct integration methods of the equations of dynamic equilibrium receive a very broad description.
Finally non-linear oscillations are analysed mostly from the computational point of view. Here the Newmark and the Hermitean algorithms receive very detailed accounts and a critical appraisal. At the same time the subject of non-linear oscillations is introduced through a semi-analytical discussion of the Duffing equation in which the various attractor systems in phase space including strange attractors for chaotic manifestation are described.
This volume is the first to appear in this series of self-contained textbooks designed to present a modern, comprehensive account of computational mechanics, which will appeal to both student and experienced practitioner alike.

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H.-P. Mlejnek

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

Dynamics of Structures, 1st Edition

1. Introduction to elasto-dynamics: linear oscillators. 2. The equations of motion and virtual work methods in dynamics. 3. The nature of the inertia forces and the mass matrix. 4. The natural vibrations of undamped systems. 5. Free vibrations of undamped systems. 6. Forced vibrations of undamped systems. 7. The nature of damping forces; modal damping. 8. Random vibrations of modally damped systems. 9. Dynamic analysis of structures with arbitrary viscous damping. 10. Direct integration methods for the equation of dynamic equilibrium. 11. Aspects of non-linear structural dynamics.

Quotes and reviews

@qu:...strongly recommended for students of structural dynamics.
@source:The Aeronautical Journal
@qu:...one of the best books on the subject...highly recommended...
@source:Mathematical Reviews
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