Introduction to Zeolite Science and Practice

Introduction to Zeolite Science and Practice, 1st Edition

Introduction to Zeolite Science and Practice, 1st Edition,E.M. Flanigen,J.C. Jansen,Herman van Bekkum,ISBN9780444889690

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Zeolites and related molecular sieves have quickly become important pathways to new opportunities in the fields of oil processing and petrochemical synthesis. The signs of intense activity in both industry and academia are evident: burgeoning papers and patent applications; increasing numbers of industrial zeolite-based processes and their rapid expansion into organic chemicals manufacturing; recent progress in zeolite accessibility range, matrix behaviour, lattice components and satellite structures; and the recognition that zeolites, which are stable and can be regenerated, may be incorporated into new, environmentally friendly processes.

This volume offers a thorough, up-to-date introduction to zeolites and such related materials as crystalline aluminium phosphates and clays. Its 16 chapters, each written by specialists, provide detailed treatments of zeolite theory (including a review of major developments), zeolite laboratory and research practice, and zeolite industry applications.

Students and individuals entering the field will find Introduction to Zeolite Science and Practice a thorough guidebook. Experienced researchers will appreciate its in-depth coverage of the zeolite spectrum, including the latest views on zeolite structure, characterization and applications.

E.M. Flanigen

Affiliations and Expertise

UOP, Tarrytown, NY, USA

J.C. Jansen

Affiliations and Expertise

Delft University of Technology, Julinalaan 136, 2628 BL Delft, The Netherlands

View additional works by J.C. Jansen

Herman van Bekkum

Affiliations and Expertise

Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands

View additional works by Herman van Bekkum

Introduction to Zeolite Science and Practice, 1st Edition

Chapter 1. The zeolite scene (L. Moscou). Chapter 2. Zeolites and molecular sieves. An historical perspective (E.M. Flanigen). Chapter 3. Structural subunits in silicate and phosphate structures (H. van Koningsveld). Chapter 4. The preparation of molecular sieves. A. Synthesis of zeolites (J.C. Jansen). B. Synthesis of AlPO4-based molecular sieves (S.T. Wilson). Chapter 5. Modified zeolites (R. Szostak). Chapter 6. Clays from two to three dimensions (R.A. Schoonheydt). Chapter 7. Techniques of zeolite characterization (J.H.C. van Hooff and J.W. Roelofsen). Chapter 8. Solid state NMR spectroscopy applied to zeolites (G. Engelhardt). Chapter 9. Introduction to zeolite theory and modelling (R.A. van Santen, D.P. de Bruyn, C.J.J. den Ouden and B. Smit). Chapter 10. Ion exchange in zeolites (R.P. Townsend). Chapter 11. Diffusion in zeolite molecular sieves (M.F.M. Post). Chapter 12. Introduction to acid catalysis with zeolites in hydrocarbon reactions (P.A. Jacobs and J.A. Martens). Chapter 13. Preparation of zeolitic catalysts (H.W. Kouwenhoven and B. de Kroes). Chapter 14. Coke formation on zeolites (H.G. Karge). Chapter 15. Hydrocarbon processing with zeolites (I.E. Maxwell and W.H.J. Stork). Chapter 16. Zeolites in organic syntheses (W.F. Hölderich and H. van Bekkum). Appendix I - Zeolite structures. Appendix II - Pore sizes of zeolites. Keyword index.

Quotes and reviews

@qu:The standard of the papers is very high, their content is informative, gives not only text-book knowledge, but contains also the newest results of the corresponding fields. Hence, the volume can be used profitably not only by beginners in the branch of zeolite science, but also by experts as a very useful handbook.
@source:Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis Letters
@qu:...a very useful book for beginners as well as specialists, and it can be recommended for everyone with an interest in this field.
@source:Angewandte Chimie
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