Cognitive Processing in Bilinguals

Cognitive Processing in Bilinguals, 1st Edition

Cognitive Processing in Bilinguals, 1st Edition,R.J. Harris,ISBN9780444889225

R Harris   

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This collection of 33 papers represents the most current thinking and
research on the study of cognitive processing in bilingual individuals. The
contributors include well-known figures in the field and promising new
scholars, representing four continents and work in dozens of languages.
Instead of the social, political, or educational implications of
bilingualism, the focus is on how bilingual people (mostly adults) think
and process language.

R.J. Harris

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Psychology, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, USA

Cognitive Processing in Bilinguals, 1st Edition

Who Are the Bilinguals? Bilingualism: Not the Exception Any More (R.J. Harris, E.M. McGhee Nelson). History of Bilingualism Research in Cognitive Psychology (C.W. Keatley). Another View of Bilingualism (F. Grosjean). The Role of Language Background in Cognitive Processing (M. Palij, D.
Aaronson). Bilingual Memory. Bilingual Memory Revisited (R. Heredia, B. McLaughlin). Cognitive Psychology and Second-language Processing: The Role of Short-term Memory (G.D.A. Brown, C. Hulme). Working Memory Capacity as a Constraint on L2 Development (M. Harrington). Linguistic Relativity
Revisited: The Bilingual Word-length Effect in Working Memory during Counting, Remembering Numbers, and Mental Calculation (N.C. Ellis). The Representation of Translation Equivalents in Bilingual Memory (J. Altarriba). The Influence of Semantic Cues in Learning among Bilinguals at Different Levels of
Proficiency in English (J.Y. Opoku). Lexical and Conceptual Memory in Fluent and Nonfluent Bilinguals (J.F. Kroll, A. Sholl). Lexical Access and Word Recognition in Bilinguals. On the Representation and Use of Language
Information in Bilinguals (J. Grainger, T. Dijkstra). Orthographic and Lexical Constraints in Bilingual Word Recognition (C. Beauvillain). Phonological Processing in Bilingual Word Recognition (E.A. Doctor, D. Klein). Lexical
Processing in Bilingual or Multilingual Speakers (H.-C. Chen). Language as a Factor in the Identification of Ordinary Words and Number Words (C. Frenck-Mestre, J. Vaid). Word Recognition in Second-Language Reading (H.-F. Chitiri et al.). A Functional View of Bilingual Lexicosemantic Organization
(M.C. Votaw). The Role of Syntax in Bilingual Cognitive Processing. Changes in Sentence Processing as Second-Language Proficiency Increases (J.L. McDonald, L.K. Heilenman). On-line Integration of Grammatical Information in
a Second Language (K. Kilborn). Non-native Features of Near-native Speakers: On the Ultimate Attainment of Childhood L2 Learners (K. Hyltenstam). Language Transfer and Code-Switching in Bilinguals. Competition and Transfer in Second Language Learning (B. MacWhinney). An Overview of
Cross-language Transfer in Bilingual Reading (A.Y. Durgunoglu, B.J. Hancin). Auditory and Visual Speech Perception in Alphabetic and Nonalphabetic Chinese-Dutch Bilinguals (B. de Gelder, J. Vroomen). A Study of Interlingual and Intralingual Stroop Effect in Three Different Scripts: Logograph,
Syllabary, and Alphabet (Wei Ling Lee et al.). Code-switching and Language Dominance (A. Bentahila, E.E. Davies). Cultural Influences of a Reading Text on the Concept Formation of Second-Language Learners of Two Nigerian Ethnic Groups
(M.J. Lasisi, A.S. Onyehalu). Metalinguistic Skills in Bilinguals. Language Awareness and Language Separation in the Young Bilingual Child (L.N. Arnberg, P.W. Arnberg). Selective Attention in Cognitive Processing: The Bilingual Edge (E. Bialystok). Translation Ability: A Natural Bilingual
and Metalinguistic Skill (M.E. Malakoff). Metalinguistic Awareness in Second- and Third-language Learning (J. Thomas). Cerebral Lateralization in Bilinguals. Leaning to the Right: Hemispheric Involvement in Bilinguals (E.
Mägiste). Differential Cerebral Lateralization of Chinese-English Bilingual Functions? (R. Hoosain). Subject Index.
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