Freshwater Fish Culture in China: Principles and Practice

Freshwater Fish Culture in China: Principles and Practice, 1st Edition

Freshwater Fish Culture in China: Principles and Practice, 1st Edition,S. Li,J. Mathias,ISBN9780444888822

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This book introduces the theory and practice of Chinese freshwater fish culture to the world. Fish resources, reproduction, feeding and nutrition, genetics and breeding, fry and fingerling nursing, integrated fish farming, fish culture in lakes, reservoirs, pens and cages, luxury species culture, as well as disease control are described. A representative collection of the Chinese literature is cited, most of it exposed to the world for the first time. This volume will be invaluable to all aquaculturists and animal/fisheries scientists.

S. Li

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Aquaculture, Shanghai Fisheries University, China

J. Mathias

Affiliations and Expertise

Freshwater Institute, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Freshwater Fish Culture in China: Principles and Practice, 1st Edition

Introduction: Freshwater Fish Culture. Natural resources. History and evolution. Recent achievements. The two traditional fish culture centres. Fisheries education and research. References. Fish Species Cultured. Characteristics of freshwater fish resources. Major cultured fish species. Other cultured aquatic animals. References. Reproduction. Natural reproduction of Chinese carps. Endocrinology. Oocyte Development and gonadal growth. References. Feeding and Nutrition. Feeding biology. Nutrient requirements. Natural and commercial food. References. Genetics and Breeding. Genetic character of cultured fish. Selective breeding. Hybrids and heterosis. All-male tilapia production. Bioengineering. Genetic management of broodstock. References. Artificial Propagation. Hatchery design. Culture of brood fish. Spawning induction. Spawning. Hatching. References. Fry and Fingerling Production. Feeding organs and habits. Rearing of fry. Rearing of fingerlings. Rearing of 2-year-old fingerlings. New measures for increased production. References. Integrated Fish Farming. Integrated fish farming ecosystems. Polyculture. Fingerling stocking. Rotation harvesting. Energy conversion. Management of grow-out ponds. References. Fish Culture in Open Waters. Types of lakes and reservoirs for fish culture. Trophic classification of lakes and reservoirs. Prediction of fish productivity. Stocking in lakes and reservoirs. Enhancement of fisheries resources. References. Fish Culture in Cages and Pens. Fish culture in cages. Fish culture in pens. Environmental impacts. References. Special Types of Aquaculture. Culture of luxury species. Integrated rice-fish culture. References. Fish Diseases. Overview. Specific diseases. Environmental diseases. References.

Quotes and reviews

@qu:Without question, this is the best single source of information on freshwater aquaculture in China...

If you are looking for the status and potential of freshwater aquaculture in China, this book is it.
@source:Aquaculture Magazine
@qu:Those wishing to know more about the Chinese aquaculture will find this book easy reading.
@source:California Aquatic Farming, 1995


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