Targets of Violence and Aggression

Targets of Violence and Aggression, 1st Edition

Targets of Violence and Aggression, 1st Edition,R. Baenninger,ISBN9780444884831

R Baenninger   

North Holland




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The chapters in this volume have been written by authors whose research work emphasizes the aggression-eliciting characteristics of people and other animals, the traits that make them targets of aggressive behavior. The clear focus of the book is on aggression by humans, although some of the authors may refer to data from other species. Chapters include aggression and violence towards other species, sexual minorities, psychiatric workers, school children, athletes, women, and drivers on highways. There are additional targets of aggressive behavior which have not been included because they are not emphasised in the research literature of psychology. Since the major concern of psychological science is with the behavior of individuals rather than groups, topics such as racial violence, warfare, and political violence have been specifically excluded.

R. Baenninger

Affiliations and Expertise

Temple University, Philadelphia, USA

Targets of Violence and Aggression, 1st Edition

Introduction: Aggression and its targets (R. Baenninger). Aggression Toward Defenseless Targets. Violence toward other species (R. Baenninger). Victimization among school children (D. Olweus). Victim risk factors in the physical abuse of children (J.F. Knutson, H.A. Schartz, L.Y. Zaidi). Violence and Social Institutions. Institutional violence directed toward children: The case of corporal punishment in schools (I.A. Hyman, J. Clarke). Athletes as targets of aggression (G. Russell). Aggression on roadways (R.W. Novaco). Violence toward clinicians (B. Eichelman). Gender-related violence. Gay-Bashing: Violence and aggression against gay men and lesbians (P.M. Nardi, R. Bolton). Aggression by women: Mores, myths, and methods (L. Paul, M.-A. Baenninger). Violence, aggression, and targets: An overview (R. Baenninger). Author Index. Subject Index.
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