Volitional Action

Volitional Action, 1st Edition

Volitional Action, 1st Edition,W.A. Hershberger,ISBN9780444883186

W Hershberger   

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Individuals from diverse disciplines, including neurology, physiology, psychology, mathematics, and engineering have contributed to this volume. Their scientific investigations of volitional action are part of the resurgence of interest in the psychology and physiology of volition which has taken place in recent years. The book comprises a significant sample of their observations, both rational and empirical, which have new practical implications for our understanding of human conduct.

The book was designed to serve a threefold purpose: a) to consolidate the gains of the various scholars, relatively isolated in their respective disciplines, b) to foster and help focus future research on conation and self-control and c) to provide practitioners in applied psychology with a broad-based tutorial.

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Volitional Action, 1st Edition

General Theoretical Perspective. The Synergy of Voluntary and Involuntary Action (W.A. Hershberger). Volition: a Semi-Scientific Essay (W.T. Powers). On the Will: An Historical Perspective (E. Scheerer).
Physiological Perspective. Volitional Eye Movements and their Relationship to Visual Attention (B. Fischer, R. Boch). The Cerebral Correlates of Reaching (A.P. Georgopoulos). Will, Volitional Action, Attention and Cerebral Potentials in Man: Bereitschaftspotentail, Performance-Related Potentials, Directed Attention Potential, EEG Spectrum Changes (H.H. Kornhuber, L. Deecke, W. Lang, M. Lang, A. Kornhuber). Cortical Modification of Sensorimotor Linkages in Relation to Intended Action (W.A. MacKay, D.J. Crammond). Cerebral Correlates of Auditory Attention (R. Näätänen). The Physiological Stress of Thwarted Intentions (R.P. Pavloski). Systems-Modeling Perspective. A Control-Theory Analysis of Interference During Social Tracking (W.T. Bourbon). VITE and FLETE: Neural Modules for Trajectory Formation and Postural Control (D. Bullock, S. Grossberg). Behavior in the First Degree (R.S. Marken). Quantitative Measurement of Volition: a Pilot Study (W.T. Powers). Psychological Perspective. Some Experimental Investigations of Volition (G.S. Howard, P.R. Myers). Control Theory and Psychology: a Tool for Integration and a Heuristic for New Theory (M.E. Hyland). The Behavioral Illusion: Misperception of Volitional Action (J.S. Jordan, W.A. Hershberger). Volition and Self-Regulation: Memory Mechanisms Mediating the Maintenance of Intentions (J. Kuhl, M. Kazen-Saad). Levels of Intention in Behavior (R.S. Marken, W.T. Powers). Involuntary Learning of Voluntary Action (R.J. Robertson). Applied Perspective. A Paradigm Shift in Behavior Therapy: From External Control to Self-Control (D.J. Delprato). Fostering Self-Control: Comments of a Counselor (E.E. Ford). Control Theory Applied to Stress Management (D.M. Goldstein). Application of Control Theory to Work Settings (R.G. Lord, M.C. Kernan). Effective Personnel Management: An Application of Control Theory (J. Soldani). The Giffen Effect: A Control Theory Resolution of an Economic Paradox (W.D. Williams). Indexes.
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