Problems in Movement Control

Problems in Movement Control, 1st Edition

Problems in Movement Control, 1st Edition,G. Reid,ISBN9780444880932

G Reid   

North Holland




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Difficulties in motor behavior are commonly associated with a variety of disabilities. Early research efforts focused on descriptions of specific groups of people or on evaluations of intervention programs. Only recently have investigators begun to explore questions from a variety of theoretical positions in an attempt to build a more fundamental understanding of the disabled person. The present volume represents views of major methodological issues, current research fronts and selected applied concerns from the perspective of the disabled performer. Authors write from a number of theoretical viewpoints and sketch future research directions in these chapters.

G. Reid

Affiliations and Expertise

McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Problems in Movement Control, 1st Edition

Research Issues and Views. The interface between normality and pathology in understanding motor function (E.A. Roy). Skill acquisition research with persons with developmental disabilities: Research design considerations (A.E. Wall). Perspectives. Normal and abnormal rhythms in neuromotor control: Analysis, modelling and implications (A. Beuter). Physical constraints on the movement of disabled performers (A.W. Burton & M.G. Wade). A problem solving approach to movement skill acquisition: Implications for special populations (M. Bouffard & A.E. Wall). Employment of individuals with developmental disabilities (P.D. Tomporowski & A.M. Hayden). Motivation and special populations: Theory, research and implications regarding motor behaviour (R.J. Vallerand & G. Reid). Special Populations.
Movement control and Down's Syndrome: A neuropsychological approach (D. Elliott). Short-term memory for motor skills in mentally retarded persons: Training and research issues (J.H. Hoover & J.S. Horgan). Factors underlying inefficient movement in learning disabled children (J.-A.C. Lazarus). The syndrome of physical awkwardness (A.E. Wall, G. Reid & J. Paton). Athletes with Disabilities. Sport, society and individuals with disabilities (K.P. DePauw). Psychosocial status of disabled athletes (C. Sherrill). Author Index. Subject Index.
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