Algorithms and Complexity, 1st Edition

Algorithms and Complexity, 1st Edition,Author Unknown,ISBN9780444880710


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This first part presents chapters on models of computation, complexity theory, data structures, and efficient computation in many recognized sub-disciplines of Theoretical Computer Science.

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Algorithms and Complexity, 1st Edition

Machine Models and Simulations (P. van Emde Boas). A Catalog of Complexity Classes (D.S. Johnson). Machine-Independent Complexity Theory (J.I. Seiferas). Kolmogorov Complexity and its Applications (M. Li, P.M.B. Vitányi). Algorithms for Finding Patterns in Strings (A.V. Aho). Data Structures (K. Mehlhorn, A. Tsakalidis). Computational Geometry (F.F. Yao). Algorithmic Motion Planning in Robotics (J.T. Schwartz, M. Sharir). Average-Case Analysis of Algorithms and Data Structures (J.S. Vitter, Ph. Flajolet). Graph Algorithms (J. van Leeuwen). Algebraic Complexity Theory (V. Strassen). Algorithms in Number Theory (A.K. Lenstra, H.W. Lenstra Jr.). Cryptography (R. Rivest). The Complexity of Finite Functions (R.B. Boppana, M. Sipser). Communication Networks (N. Pippenger). VLSI Theory (Th. Lengauer). Parallel Algorithms for Shared-Memory Machines (R.M. Karp, V. Ramachandran). General Purpose Parallel Architectures (L.G. Valiant). Subject Index.

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@qu:...providing professionals and students with a comprehensive overview of the main results and developments in this evolving field.
@source:L'Enseignement Mathematique
@from:W. Kern of the most useful and needed publications in the field.
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