New Developments in Psychological Choice Modeling

New Developments in Psychological Choice Modeling, 1st Edition

New Developments in Psychological Choice Modeling, 1st Edition,G. de Soete,H. Feger,K.C. Klauer,ISBN9780444880574

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North Holland




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A selection of 15 papers on choice modeling are presented in this volume. These papers result from research in the social and behavioral sciences and in economics. The models, some deterministic, some probabilistic, represent recent developments in the tradition of Thurstone's Law of Comparative Judgement, Coombs' unfolding theory and multidimensional scaling. The theoretical contributions and several applications to voting behaviour, consumer research and preference rankings show the important progress made in psychological choice modeling during the last few years.

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New Developments in Psychological Choice Modeling, 1st Edition

Order Invariant Unfolding Analysis under Smoothness Restrictions (W.J. Heiser). An Analytical Approach to Unfolding (H. Feger). GENFOLD 2: A General Unfolding Methodology for the Analysis of Preference/Dominance Data (W.S. DeSarbo, V.R. Rao). Maximum Likelihood Unidimensional Unfolding for a Probabilistic Model without Distributional Assumptions (P.M. Bossuyt, E.E. Roskam). Latent Class Models for the Analysis of Rankings (M.A. Croon). The Wandering Ideal Point Model for Analyzing Paired Comparisons Data (G. De Soete, J.D. Carroll, W.S. DeSarbo). Analysis of Covariance Structures and Probabilistic Binary Choice Models (Y. Takane). Two Classes of Stochastic
Tree Unfolding Models (J.D. Carroll, W.S. DeSarbo, G. De Soete). Probabilistic Multidimensional Analysis of Preference Ration Judgments (J.L. Zinnes, D.B. MacKay). Testing Probabilistic Choice Models (P.M. Bossuyt, E.E. Roskam). On the Axiomatic Foundations of Unfolding, with an Application to Political Party Preferences of German Voters (B. Orth). Unfolding and Consensus Ranking: A Prestige Ladder for Technical Occupations (R. van Blokland-Vogelesang). Unfolding the German Political Parties: A Description and Application of Multiple Unidimensional Unfolding (W.H. van Schuur). Probabilistic Multidimensional Scaling Models for Analyzing Consumer Choice Behavior (W.S. DeSarbo, G. De Soete, K. Jedidi). Probabilistic Choice Behavior Models and their Combination with Additional Tools Needed for Applications to Marketing (W. Gaul). Indexes.
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