Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics

Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics, 1st Edition

Urban Economics

Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics, 1st Edition,E.S. Mills,ISBN9780444879707

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This second volume of the Handbook presents professional surveys of all the important topics in urban economics. The first section contains 6 surveys on locational analysis, the second, 5 surveys of specific urban markets, and the third part presents 5 surveys of government policy issues.
The book brings together exhaustive research by distinguished scholars from many countries. It is the only complete survey volume of urban economics and should serve as a reference volume to scholars and graduate students for many years.

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E.S. Mills

Affiliations and Expertise

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA

Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics, 1st Edition

Advances in urban economics (E.S. Mills, P. Nijkamp). Locational Analysis. The theory of urban residential location (M. Straszheim). Theories of urban business locations (K. Stahl). The structure of urban equilibria: A unified treatement of the Muth-Mills model (J.K. Brueckner). Computer simulation models of urban location (J.F. Kain). Dynamic urban models (T. Miyao). General equilibrium modeling of systems of cities (J.V. Henderson). Specific Urban Markets. Economic theory and housing (R. Arnott). The demand and supply of housing service: A critical survey of the empirical literature (E. Olsen). Urban transportation (M.E. Beesley, M.A. Kemp). Urban public facility location (C. ReVelle). Rural-urban migration in developing countries (D. Mazumdar). Urban Government Behavior and Issues. Theoretical analysis of local public economics (D. Wildasin). Financing urban public services (R. Prud'homme). Urban amenities and public policy (T.J. Bartik, V.K. Smith). Urbanization in the developing world: Patterns, issues, and policies (A.M. Hamer, J.F. Linn). City size and place as policy issues (G. Tolley, J. Crihfield).

Quotes and reviews

@qu:..this handbook will be remembered and fruitfully used for some years to come as an excellent survey of the field of urban economics.

@source:Journal of Regional Science
@qu:...this book provides an excellent overview on urban economics......every specialist should certainly have this important book on his/her desk.

@source: Regional Science and Urban Economics
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