Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics

Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics, 1st Edition

Regional Economics

Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics, 1st Edition,P. Nijkamp,ISBN9780444879691

P Nijkamp   

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This first volume of the Handbook serves as a definitive reference source and teaching supplement for the field of regional economics, and for related fields such as geography, transportation economics, regional science and physical planning. It provides an advanced state-of-the-art survey for professional teachers, researchers and advanced (post-) graduate students in these disciplines. In addition to a representative survey of past developments, it also points to new directions and trends within the field.
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P. Nijkamp

Affiliations and Expertise

Free University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics, 1st Edition

Advances in regional economics (P. Nijkamp, E.S. Mills). Locational Analysis. The location of production activities (M.J. Beckmann, J.-F. Thisse). Residential mobility and household location modelling (W.A.V. Clark, W.F.J. van Lierop). Public facility location: A multiregional and multi-authority decision context (B. Johansson, G. Leonardi). Spatial equilibrium analysis (T. Takayama, W.C. Labys). Regional economic dynamics (A.E. Andersson, R.E. Kuenne). Regional Economic Models and Methods. Regional and multiregional economic models: A survey (P. Nijkamp, P. Rietveld and F. Snickars). Regional, interregional and multiregional input-output analysis (G.J.D. Hewings, R.C. Jensen). Spatial interaction, transportation, and interregional commodity flow models (D.F. Batten, D.E. Boyce). Regional econometric and dynamic models (R.J. Bennett, L. Hordijk). Qualitative statistical models for regional economic analysis (N. Wrigley, F. Brouwer). Regional Economic Development and Policy. Multiple objective decision analysis in regional economics (P. Nijkamp, P. Rietveld). Regional labor market analysis (A. Isserman et al.). Regional energy and environmental analysis (T.R. Lakshmanan, R. Bolton). Innovation and changes in regional structure (E.J. Malecki, P. Varaiya). Regional policies in developing countries (H.W. Richardson, P.M. Townroe).
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