Lectures on Microeconomic Theory

Lectures on Microeconomic Theory, 2nd Edition

Lectures on Microeconomic Theory, 2nd Edition,E. Malinvaud,ISBN9780444876508


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This book deals with microeconomic theory as it concerns general economic equilibrium and the implications for prices and resource allocation.

Students with a background in mathematics will find in this volume a broad, comprehensible overview of the ideas which have contributed to our understanding of general equilibrium.

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Lectures on Microeconomic Theory, 2nd Edition

Conceptual Framework of Microeconomic Theory. The Consumer. The Producer. Optimum Theory. Competitive Equilibrium. Imperfect Competition and Game Situations. Economies with an Infinite Number of Agents. Determination of an Optimum. External Economies, Public Goods, Fixed Costs. Intertemporal Economies: (a) a Date for Each Commodity; (b) Production Specific to Each Period. Uncertainty. Information. Appendix: The Extrema of Functions of Several Variables With or Without Constraint on the Variables (J.-C. Milleron). Index.
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