Graphs, 3rd Edition

Graphs, 3rd Edition,C. Berge,ISBN9780444876034


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As graph theory continues its explosive growth, conjectures are proved and new theorems formed. The techniques involved, which have applications in a broad spectrum of mathematics, ranging from analysis to operations research, have become more sophisticated if not more manageable. This new edition, therefore, includes new theorems (e.g. the Perfect Graph Theorem, due to Lovasz) as well as new proofs of classical results. A number of sections have been significantly revised.

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Graphs, 3rd Edition

Basic Concepts. Cyclomatic Number. Trees and Arborescences. Paths, Centres and Diameters. Flow Problems. Degrees and Demi-Degrees. Matchings. c-Matchings. Connectivity. Hamiltonian Cycles. Covering Edges With Chains. Chromatic Index. Stability Number. Kernels and Grundy Functions. Chromatic Number. Perfect Graphs. References.

Quotes and reviews of the leading accounts of modern graph theory...
@qu:...can be unrestrictedly recommended to everybody interested in graph theory...
@qu:... a classic ...on the whole, the revisions succeed admirably in bringing the reader up to date with the current situation in graph theory and then launching him or her on many interesting research problems.
@source:Mathematical Reviews
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