Handbook of Mathematical Economics

Handbook of Mathematical Economics, 1st Edition

Handbook of Mathematical Economics, 1st Edition,W. Hildenbrand,H. Sonnenschein,ISBN9780444874610

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The Handbook of Mathematical Economics aims to provide a definitive source, reference, and teaching supplement for the field of mathematical economics. It surveys, as of the late 1970's the state of the art of mathematical economics. This is a constantly developing field and all authors were invited to review and to appraise the current status and recent developments in their presentations. In addition to its use as a reference, it is intended that this Handbook will assist researchers and students working in one branch of mathematical economics to become acquainted with other branches of this field.
The emphasis of this fourth volume of the Handbook of Mathematical Economics is on choice under uncertainty, general equilibrium analysis under conditions of uncertainty, economies with an infinite number of consumers or commodities, and dynamical systems. The book thus reflects some of the ideas that have been most influential in mathematical economics since the appearance of the first three volumes of the Handbook.

Researchers, students, economists and mathematicians will all find this Handbook to be an indispensable reference source. It surveys the entire field of mathematical economics, critically reviewing recent developments. The chapters (which can be read independently) are written at an advanced level suitable for professional, teaching and graduate-level use.

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W. Hildenbrand

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA

H. Sonnenschein

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany

Handbook of Mathematical Economics, 1st Edition

Uncertainty. Incomplete markets (M. Magill, W. Shafer). The theory of value in security markets (D. Duffie). Sunspot equilibria in sequential markets models (P.A. Chiappori, R. Guesnerie). Utility theory with uncertainty (E. Karni, D. Schmeidler). Infinite Economies. Equilibrium theory in infinite dimensional spaces (A. Mas-Colell, W.R. Zame). Overlapping generations (J. Geanakoplos, H. Polemarchakis). Non-Convexity and Imperfect Competition. Equilibrium analysis with non-convex technologies (D. Brown). Monopolistic competition (J.-P. Bénassy). Computation and Mathematical Methods. Computation and multiplicity of equilibria (T. Kehoe). Nonstandard analysis with applications to economics (B. Anderson). Nonlinear dynamical systems: Instability and chaos in economics (W.A. Brock, W.D. Dechert).

Quotes and reviews

@qu:All of the surveys in this book are written by recognized leaders in their respective areas of mathematical economics.... The editors of the Handbook have been remarkably successful in recruiting distinguished authors and in inducing them to write careful and detailed surveys.
@source:Journal of the American Statistical Association
@qu:Readers who are mathematically equipped will find this Handbook the most effective tool of gaining access to the economics of discipline and the research problems that are being actively pursued.
@source:Zeitschrift für Operations Research: Series A-Theory
@qu:... it will serve for many years as a definitive source, reference, and teaching supplement for this field of mathematical economics.
@qu:This is a superb collection of related papers on various topics in mathematical economics written by people who are at once good expositors and leaders in their field.
The authors and editors are to be congratulated for bringing together in one place a collection of papers that do a remarkable job of summarizing the state-of-the-very-fast-moving-art.

@source:Mathematical Reviews
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