General Competitive Analysis, 1st Edition

General Competitive Analysis, 1st Edition,Kenneth Arrow,F.H. Hahn,ISBN9780444854971


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Kenneth Arrow

Affiliations and Expertise

Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA

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F.H. Hahn

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

General Competitive Analysis, 1st Edition

Historical Introduction. Market Equilibrium: A First Approach. Production Decisions and the Boundedness of the Economy. Consumer Decisions and Efficient Allocations. The Existence of Competitive Equilibrium. General Equilibrium under Alternative Assumptions. Markets with Non-Convex Preferences. The Core of a Market Economy. The Uniqueness of Competitive Equilibrium. Comparing Equilibria. Introduction to Stability Analysis. Stability with Recontracting. Trading out of Equilibrium: A Pure Exchange Economy. The Keynesian Model. Mathematical Appendix A: Positive Matrices. Mathematical Appendix B: Convex and Related Sets. Mathematical Appendix C: Fixed Point Theorems and Related Combinatorial Algorithms. Indexes.

Quotes and reviews

@qu:...Arrow and Hahn have provided a definitive analysis (of general equilibrium) that is likely to stand for some years to come ... The book ... is far and away the best and most definitive work on general equilibrium ... It is clearly a must for every economic theorist.
@source:Journal of Economic Literature

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