The Theory of Error-Correcting Codes

The Theory of Error-Correcting Codes, 1st Edition

The Theory of Error-Correcting Codes, 1st Edition,F.J. MacWilliams,N.J.A. Sloane,ISBN9780444851932


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The Theory of Error-Correcting Codes, 1st Edition

Linear Codes. Nonlinear Codes, Hadamard Matrices, Designs and the Golay Code. An Introduction to BCH Codes and Finite Fields. Finite Fields. Dual Codes and Their Weight Distribution. Codes, Designs and Perfect Codes. Cyclic Codes. Cyclic Codes: Idempotents and Mattson-Solomon Polynomials. BCH Codes. Reed-Solomon and Justesen Codes. MDS Codes. Alternant, Goppa and Other Generalized BCH Codes. Reed-Muller Codes. First-Order Reed-Muller Codes. Second-Order Reed-Muller, Kerdock and Preparata Codes. Quadratic-Residue Codes. Bounds on the Size of a Code. Methods for Combining Codes. Self-dual Codes and Invariant Theory. The Golay Codes. Association Schemes. Appendix A. Tables of the Best Codes Known. Appendix B. Finite Geometries. Bibliography. Index.

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@qu:This work presents a unified account of all the mathematical techniques used to date. It is presented in an intelligible manner and is designed as both introductory textbook for the beginner and reference book for the expert engineer and mathematician. The book is divided into sections which can be used as a basis for an elementary course on coding theory for mathematicians, a second course for mathematicians, an elementary first course for engineers, and a second course for engineers. The remainder is directed towards the experts in the subject and is suitable for advanced courses and seminars. An abundance of problems is included, as well as a number of unsolved problems suitable for use in research projects as topics for study.
@source:Engineering Societies Library
@qu:This text provides a thorough coverage of mathematical techniques applicable to this subject. The set can serve as a text for advanced students or as a reference work for the practitioner.
@source:New Technical Books
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