Order Statistics: Applications

Order Statistics: Applications, 1st Edition

Order Statistics: Applications, 1st Edition,N. Balakrishnan,C. R. Rao,ISBN9780444829221

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This text presents the 17th and concluding volume of the "Statistics Handbook". It covers order statistics, dealing primarily with applications. The book is divided into six parts as follows: results for specific distributions; linear estimation; inferential methods; prediction; goodness-of-fit tests; and applications. Theoretical advances have been made in this area of research, and order statistics has also found important applications in many diverse areas, these include life-testing and reliability, robustness studies, statistical quality control, filtering theory, signal processing, image processing, and radar target detection. A variety of theoretical researchers, statisticians and engineers have been brought together to produce this handbook, and the subject of order statistics has been split across volumes 16 and 17. Volume 17 focuses on applications and an extensive author and subject index aims to offer easy access to all the material included in both volumes.

N. Balakrishnan

Professor Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan, Professor of Statistics, Department of Mathematics and Statistics McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario, Canada & visiting Professor, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Balakrishnan is a statistical distribution theorist and books powerhouse with 16 authored books, 4 authored handbooks, and 27 edited books under his name. He is current Editor-in-Chief of Communications in Statistics, and for the revised Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences published by Wiley.

Affiliations and Expertise

McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

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C. R. Rao

Affiliations and Expertise

Center for multivariate Analysis, Department of statistics, The Pennsylvania State University.

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Quotes and reviews

"...Part of a two-volume set (Handbooks 16 and 17) covering most of the important theoretical and applied aspects of order statistics..." --Journal of Economic Literature, 1999
"...this is an extremely helpful contribution...." --Ultramicroscopy, Vol. 80, 2000

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