Soft Scale Insects

Soft Scale Insects, 1st Edition

Soft Scale Insects, 1st Edition,UNKNOWN AUTHOR,ISBN9780444828439


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Soft Scale Insects, 1st Edition

Preface. Contributors to this Volume. Part 2. THE NATURAL ENEMIES. Pathogens. Entomopathogenic Fungi (H.C. Evans, N.L. Hywel-Jones). Predators. Coccinellidae and Other Coleoptera (D.J. Ponsonby, M.J.W. Copland). Cecidomyiidae and Other Diptera (K.M. Harris). Parasitoids. Encyrtidae (G.L. Prinsloo). Aphelinidae (M. Hayat). Eulophidae, Pteromalidae, Eupelmidae and Signiphoridae (G. Viggiani). Part 3. DAMAGE AND CONTROL. Pest Status of Soft Scale Insects. Economic Importance (R.J. Gill, M. Kosztarab). Control. Insect Development and Reproduction Disrupters (B. Darvas). Biological Control of Soft Scale Insects in Interior Plantscapes in the USA (S. Stauffer, M. Rose). Coccid Pests of Important Crops. Citrus (R.J. Gill). Olive (G. Pellizzari). Avocado (E. Swirski, M. Wysoki, Y. Ben-Dov). Mango (E. Swirski, Y. Ben-Dov, M. Wysoki). Guava (E. Swirski, Y. Ben-Dov, M. Wysoki). Persimmon (E. Swirski, Y. Ben-Dov, M. Wysoki). Other Subtropical Fruit Trees (E. Swirski, Y. Ben-Dov, M. Wysoki). Deciduous Fruit Trees (D.G. Pfeiffer). Grapevine (G. Pellizzari). Sugarcane and Bamboo (A.J.M. Carnegie). Coniferous Forest Trees (M. Kosztarab). Deciduos Forest Trees (M. Kosztarab). Ornamental and House Plants (M. Kosztarab). Coffee (S.T. Murphy). Cocoa (C.A.M. Campbell). Tea (D.J. Greathead). Coconut (T.H. Chua). Rubber (T.H. Chua). General Index. Index to Coccoidea Taxa. Index to Names of Pathogens, Predators and Parasitoids. Index to Names of Plants.
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