Cognitive Science Perspectives on Personality and Emotion

Cognitive Science Perspectives on Personality and Emotion, 1st Edition

Cognitive Science Perspectives on Personality and Emotion, 1st Edition,G. Matthews,ISBN9780444824509

G Matthews   

North Holland




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This book aims to highlight the vigour, diversity and insight of the various cognitive science perspectives on personality and emotion. It aims also to emphasise the rigorous scientific basis for research to be found in the integration of experimental psychology with neuroscience, connectionism and the new evolutionary psychology. The contributors to this book provide a wide-ranging survey of leading-edge research topics. It is divided into three parts, on general frameworks for cognitive science, on perspectives from emotion research, and on perspectives from studies of personality traits.


For psychologists, cognitive scientists and social scientists.

G. Matthews

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Psychology, University of Dundee, Dundee DD1 4HN, UK

Cognitive Science Perspectives on Personality and Emotion, 1st Edition

Part headings and selected chapters: Part I. Frameworks for Cognitive Science. An Introduction to the Cognitive Science of Personality and Emotion (G. Matthews). Conation, Affect, and Cognition in Personality (J.D. Mayer et al.). Part II: Perspectives from Emotion Research. Affective Influence in Perception: Some Implications of the Amplification Model (Shinobu Kitayama). Modeling Individual Differences in Negative Information Processing Biases (G.J. Siegle, R.E. Ingram). Emotion and Reason: The Proximate Effects and Ultimate Functions of Emotions (T. Ketelaar, G.L. Clore). Part III: Perspectives from Personality Trait Research. Motivational and Attentional Components of Personality (D. Derryberry, M.A. Reed). Investigating Cognitive Processes in Schizotypal Personality and Schizophrenia (A. Beech, L. Williams). Subject Index.
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