Principles of Salmonid Culture, 1st Edition

Principles of Salmonid Culture, 1st Edition,W. Pennell,B.A. Barton,ISBN9780444821522

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As salmonids have been reared for more than a century in many countries, one might expect that principles are well established and provide a solid foundation for salmonid aquaculture. Indeed, some of the methods used today in salmonid rearing are nearly identical to those employed one hundred years ago. Areas of salmonid research today include nutrition, smolt and stress physiology, genetics and biotechnology.

The purpose of this book is to provide a useful synthesis of the biology and culture of salmonid fishes. The important practices in salmonid culture as well as the theory behind them is described. This volume will be of interest to students, researchers, fisheries biologists and managers as well as practising aquaculturists.

W. Pennell

Affiliations and Expertise

Malaspina College, 900 Fifth Street, Nanaimo, British Columbia, V9R 5S5, Canada

B.A. Barton

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Biology, University of South Dakota, 414 East Clark Street, Vermillion, SD 57069-2390, USA

Principles of Salmonid Culture, 1st Edition

Due to space limitations only the chapter headings have been listed. Full contents are available upon request.

Preface. Special Acknowledgements. Introduction. Chapter 1. History and Applications of Salmonid Culture (L.M. Laird). Chapter 2. General Biology of Salmonids (B.A. Barton). Chapter 3. Salmonid Life History (C. Groot). Chapter 4. Broodstock Management (V.A. Pepper, L.W. Crim). Chapter 5. Gamete Removal, Fertilization and incubation (R. Billard, J.O.T. Jensen). Chapter 6. Early Rearing (W. Pennell, W.E. Mclean). Chapter 7. Growth of Salmonids (G.K. Iwama). Chapter 8. Smolt Production (W.C. Clarke, R.L. Saunders, S.D. McCormick). Chapter 9. Rearing Fish to Market Size in Marine Waters (A.J. Novotny, W. Pennell). Chapter 10. Nutrition of Salmonids (J.E. Halver). Chapter 11. Breeding and Genetics (K.E. Jørstad, G. Nævdal). Chapter 12. Transportation and Handling (G.A. Wedemeyer). Chapter 13. Salmonid Disease Management (D.W. Bruno, A.E. Ellis). Chapter 14. Ocean Ranching: An Assessment (W.R. Heard). Chapter 15. Marketing (S.A. Shaw, D.N. Egan).Chapter 16. Environmental Impacts of Salmonid Culture (D.P. Weston, M.J. Phillips, L.A. Kelly). Chapter 17. Uses of Biotechnology to Enhance Production (E.M. Donaldson, R.H. Devlin). Index.

Quotes and reviews

"...One of the many striking things about the book is the thoroughness of the introduction, which provides a thoughtful synopsis of the book and integrates the information on various topics by indicating the chapters in which each topic is discussed... Principles of Salmonid Culture is impressive in size, scope, and detail. Its shortcomings are few and the depth of information is great... It is unlikely to be superseded by a more comprehensive volume for many years." --The Progressive Fish Culture
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